Caval Drossa

Published by brunoz , 17 June 2017, 17h05.

Region: World » Switzerland » Tessin » Sottoceneri
Date of the hike:16 June 2017
Hiking grading: T1 - Valley hike
Geo-Tags: CH-TI   Gruppo San Jorio-Monte Bar 
Time: 3:45
Height gain: 612 m 2007 ft.
Height loss: 612 m 2007 ft.
Access to start point:From the northern outskirts of Lugano follow the indications to Capriasca/Tesserete and next indications to Bidogno/Colla. Parking available at Corticiasca.
Accommodation:Rifugio Tassèra, Capanna Monte Bar.
Maps:CNS 1333 Tesserete

Caval Drossa is a diminutive peak located close to Lugano, but dwarfed by the far more visited Monte Bar. The combination of including both peaks in a unique hike is quite popular. For personal reasons I have not considered returning to Monte Bar (reached in December 2008, ages ago!). Therefore the brief tour up to Caval Drossa alone was the day’s choice. Parking at Corticiascia may be a challenge during the weekends, but on a working Friday that was not the case. First thing is crossing the village and get, along a not always well visible path, to Pian Sotto. Here a slightly steep portion will lead to a distinctive crossing with a pretty wide track: ahead you would reach Alpe Musgatina (well visible) ; left, gently descending, you would enter the Fiume Bello valley. That was the chosen option. Immediately after crossing the river (ok, it is actually little more than a stream), a sign indicates the path ascending in the wood, which in short time reaches Rifugio Tassèra ; a most welcomed watering point is there. Some care might be taken to go ahead choosing the right path, but the CNS maps are of such detail and accuracy as to prevent any mistake. The wood here is magnificent, the path relaxing, so take your time, don’t hurry, enjoy. At some point it will run almost parallel to the paved road which goes to Capanna Monte Bar, ascending  very gradually Once you start seeing the upper ridge (the area is called Corte di Camorino), quite close on your left, you may as well leave the path and make your way right up along the grassy slope. Exactly what I did. Soon you will hit the paved road, cross it and see, on the left, the Caval Drossa summit. A comfortable path goes right there, but getting on the ridge (which is large enough to accomodate an aircraft carrier) reveals a view of immense beauty. Pity that the wind was blowing my ears away, I could hardly stand still and take any photograph. Anyway, getting to the summit requires only a handful of minutes walk and, surprise, the vision of Lugano and its lake is revealed, litterally at your feet. Plus all the Varese mountains, the Lema-Tamaro group, the Vogorno-Madone-Gaggio group, the close Gazzirola, Foiorina and Denti della Vecchia. In a distance Monte Rosa is to be seen, Strahlhorn and Rimpfischhorn, the Verzasca peaks, the Campo Tencia group, the imposing Sass Castel and, beyond Passo di San Lucio, the distinct shape of Pizzo dei Tre Signori. I chose to walk down along the opposite wide ridge which, having the mentioned spectacular view of Lugano always in sight, made me feel very much suspended between Earth and Heaven. The large cross of Motto della Croce is a perfect hike-stopper to enjoy the greatness of the view. From here you may choose to walk down along the paved road or (recommended) get on the path which leads to the already visible Alpe Rompiago which, as I understand, can provide some fine alpine meals. From here I went for a short while down the paved road and, at the vey first bend, I took the track which soon brought me back to the deviation to Rifugio Tassèra point above mentioned. Here, in theory, a path should have been visible, descending aside the Fiume Bello; I was unable to detect it, so I simply went on the track (now gently ascending) until the crossing with the Corticiascia/Alpe Musgatina path. Rather than going back again to Corticiascia via Pian Sotto, I chose to turn left on a wonderful path going right into the wood to Cozzo and, ultimately, to Corticiascia. 
This hike is really for everyone; very limited effort and a superb scenic rewarding.   

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