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Schwammegg, Köbelberg, Tönnerenegg: Schneeschuhtour auf drei "neue" ZH Oberland Gipfel

Published by Cirrus , 6 January 2008, 01h25.

Region: World » Switzerland » St.Gallen
Date of the hike: 2 January 2008
Snowshoe grading: WT2 - Snowshoe hike
Geo-Tags: Zürcher Oberland   CH-SG 
Time: 4:15
Height gain: 900 m 2952 ft.
Height loss: 850 m 2788 ft.
Access to start point:öV Egligen
Access to end point:öV Ricken

Hiking classification: 2 stars (acceptable)

From the busstop Egligen to Schutt along the road (instead of waiting another 30 minutes for the next bus), and from Schutt onwards, first along the street, and from Hind. Altschwand onwards with snow shoes to Hind. Rotstein. Unfortunately there were quite some people on the ridge, and snowshoes were not necessary as the track was very hard, and most snow was blown away here. Nice views from Schwammegg. After eating in Atzmännig (ski restaurant), I continued to Köbelberg. Here there were only few people, between Unt. Atzmännig and Köbelberg none. This is a nice part. The peak of Köbelberg is situated in the woods. After descending to the nice village Walde, I chose the most direct way to Ricken: over the Tönnerenegg. This ascent did not have a snowshoe trail, but otherwise the tour from today had always a snowshoe trail. From the Tönnerenegg again nice views towards Speer.

Route: Egligen- Hintergoldingen- Schutt- Hind. Altschwand- Hind. Rotstein- Schwammwegg- Atzmännig- Köbelberg- Atzmännig- Walde- Tönnerenegg- Hind. Tönneren- Ricken.

Wetter: Sonne, wenige Hochnebelfetzen, später aufziehende hohe Wolken.


Hike partners: Cirrus

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