Pizzo di Claro

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Region: World » Switzerland » Tessin » Bellinzonese
Date of the hike:28 September 2008
Hiking grading: T3 - Difficult Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: Gruppo Pizzo di Claro   CH-GR   CH-TI 
Time: 7:15
Height gain: 960 m 3149 ft.
Height loss: 960 m 3149 ft.
Route:Pian Guald - Alp Stabveder - Pizzo di Claro
Access to start point:Along the [13] motorway (E43) you exit at Roveredo and follow indications leading you into Val Calanca. Once in Arvigo you turn left on a steep mountain road to Pian Guald (I can't remember having seen many signs showing the way), which becomes a dirt track, in the upper part, until you find a sign forbidding prosecution. A relatively large parking area is on the left.

Pizzo di Claro is quite an unmistakable landmark when viewed from Bellinzona as well as being a definite classic ascent (and easy too).
We chose the most comfortable route, only 960m ascent via a basically problemless itinerary. After having parked at Pian Guald we went up the dirt track to Alp Stabveder where the real ascent starts by a narrow path on the left. Altitude is gained at a moderate pace. After a while a well-marked saddle is reached, on the ridge that ultimately leads to Mot Ciarin. Then, after a long, at times slightly descending transverse, the toughest part of the hike starts i.e. going up the south-east flank of Pizzo di Claro. You can't get lost, there is a pretty evident path all the way up which gets you on the summit ridge, close to the north-east summit, which is also the higher point of Pizzo di Claro. The ridge is almost flat, giving to this mountain it's typical flattop appearance from many perspectives. At the other end of the ridge is the south-west summit, a great viewing point over Val Leventina. On the opposite side all of the major Calanca and Mesolcina peaks are visible as well as the mountains around Como lake and over.
As already said the ascent is free of any danger or problem. It may take you maybe three to three-and-half hours to the summit and another scarce three to get back down. All you need is your hiking shoes and your summit-meal.
It should be noted that, at the time of our hike, the mountain road from Arvigo to Pian Guald was undergoing some works and here and therefore driving had to be extremely careful.     

Hike partners: brunoz

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