Pizzo Molare

Published by brunoz , 21 October 2009, 16h35.

Region: World » Switzerland » Tessin » Bellinzonese
Date of the hike: 2 August 2008
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: CH-TI   Gruppo Pizzo Molare 
Time: 5:15
Height gain: 935 m 3067 ft.
Height loss: 935 m 3067 ft.
Route:Gariva - Piandioss hut - Bocchetta di Sasso Bianco - Pizzo Molare
Access to start point:From motorway [2] (E35) you jump off at the Biasca exit and drive up Valle di Blenio. Shortly before Acquarossa you turn left direction Prugiasco and Leontica and then follow a narrow and winding road up to Gariva (if I remember well there are also signs to Piandioss). Road ends at Gariva and there is limited parking place.
Accommodation:Piandioss hut.
Maps:CNS 1253 Olivone

Pizzo Molare is perhaps the most popular summit on the long ridge between Val Leventina and Valle di Blenio. It is also very easy to reach. Starting point is the tiny village of Gariva, from where you initially go up a concrete track which will lead you in about twenty minutes to the Piandioss hut. Going ahead briefly, at a turn of the track you simply go on the slopes to the right, aiming at the well visible saddle called Bocchetta di Sasso Bianco, bearing a large white rock right in the middle. There are no signs and path is almost totally missing; the route is however unmistakable, along grassy slopes which get moderately steeper as you get closer to the Bocchetta. It is a very pleasent ascent, we both enjoyed it (myself and Toto). Minutes before getting to the saddle a path will appear above you, direction east-west, so going west the Bocchetta is immediately reached. Here you will suddenly have an impressive view on Val Leventina, some 1.700m below. Turning left, from this point, you would go up to Poncione di Nara; Pizzo Molare is on the right and the path, slightly steeper now, will get you to the summit in maybe another 15 minutes. You get surrounded by 360° of beauty, from Pizzo Campo Tencia to Rheinwaldhorn and from Scopi to Pizzo di Claro, provided wheather assists. Going back down we decided to try the a.m. east-west path... not a good idea as after maybe ten minutes walk it disappears completely; from that point we went down the grassy slope to hit our ascending route and then only a comfortable way back was left.
All together the hike requires something like two-and-half hours to Pizzo Molare's summit and two hours for descent, but a stop at the Piandioss hut for a typical alpine meal has to be taken into account too !! 

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Pizzo Molare · GIBI
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MicheleK says: report nr 15000
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If I am not mistaken this is report nr 15'000 on hikr.org. you should email Stani and Anna to verify !!

Maybe you win something.

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brunoz says: RE:report nr 15000
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Hi, Michele !!
Wow, 15.000 reports, that's great... the mountain-community is pretty active !!
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