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Name Höhe (m.) Schw. Region Tour Datum
 Chimborazo - Máxima6268 WS Ecuador 8 Dez 10
 Cotopaxi5897 WS I Ecuador 3 Dez 10
 Mont Blanc4810 WS- II Massif du Mont Blanc 30 Jul 07
 Dom4545 WS+ II Oberwallis 15 Aug 09
 Grand Combin de Grafeneire4314 ZS- WT6 Unterwallis 23 Mai 10
 Aletschhorn4193 WS+ II Oberwallis 15 Aug 09
 Aletschhorn4193 WS+ II Oberwallis 16 Aug 09
 Grand Combin de Valsorey4184 ZS- WT6 Unterwallis 23 Mai 10
 Pollux / Polluce4092 WS+ II Oberwallis 15 Aug 09
 Dombaj-Ul’gen / Домбай-Ульген4046 S- IV Abchasien 27 Aug 16
 Gora Musat Čeri / Гора Мусат Чери3012 T2 Karačaevo-Čerkesija 25 Aug 16
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Ecuador   WS  
8 Dez 10
Chimborazo - Roof of Ecuador
Preparing for a big mountain It took a while until Chimborazo revealed itself to us. It was not until a sudden 10 second- window opened up in the thick fog, while approaching El Castillo at around 7:00 am in the morning, when we could see the Veintimilla summit surrounded by white smoke of snow, violently blowing across...
Publiziert von andre68 9. Januar 2011 um 23:21 (Fotos:41 | Kommentare:1)
Ecuador   WS I  
3 Dez 10
Cotopaxi on a beautiful day.
Third time to Cotopaxi Just a couple of minutes after KLM's big MD11 took off from Guayaquil airport we could spot the huge, snow covered volcanoes when the aircraft entered the Avenida dos Volcanoes on it's 30 minutes flight to Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. We fought to get a glance out through the small windows on...
Publiziert von andre68 30. Dezember 2010 um 16:04 (Fotos:46)
Oberwallis   WS+ II  
15 Aug 09
A great climbing week in Valais 2009 – Aletschhorn, Dom and Pollux
  Saturday, day 1: En route to the Mittelaletsch hut. After waking up in the sleepy village of Fiesch it was time to go to the cable car up to Fiescheralp up at 2.212m where I met with my HIKR.ORG-friend Andi whom I met in the Caucasus last year. We made plans to climb the Aletschhorn together many months ago and it...
Publiziert von andre68 3. Dezember 2009 um 10:49 (Fotos:28)
Massif du Mont Blanc   WS- II  
30 Jul 07
Mont Blanc: solo ascent – Stockholm-Mont Blanc during a weekend in August.
The highest mountain of the Alps had been on my mind for years and now it was time to give it a shot. Living in Sweden makes the planning important as flights, trains and buses needs to be arranged. I had only a long weekend available for my trip, from a Friday until Tuesday. A rather short and limited timeframe considering I...
Publiziert von andre68 4. August 2008 um 23:19 (Fotos:21 | Kommentare:2)
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