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Pik Lenin   AD- I  
16 Jul 19
The second time around – Solo on Pik Lenin 7.134m
  INTRO In August 2013 me and my climbing partner spent three weeks on Pik Lenin. That season the weather was very unstable and we missed out on the few good weather windows which came across our way. Still we had a great adventure and the scenery was magnificent. As we descended from C3 I was almost sure that I one...
Published by andre68 11 February 2020, 09h17 (Photos:84 | Comments:5)
Abchasien   D- IV  
27 Aug 16
Dombaj-Ul'gen: The jewel of the Western Caucasus
Returning to the Caucasus ”-Dombaj-what???!” I said to my Swiss friend Andi over the phone when he gave me a call one afternoon in November more than a year ago. I’d never heard about a mountain called Dombaj-Ul’gen. Nor was I rather impressed by its elevation of 4.046 meters. Skhara, the wild looking twin peaks of...
Published by andre68 22 December 2016, 11h18 (Photos:56 | Comments:2)
Ecuador   PD  
8 Dec 10
Chimborazo - Roof of Ecuador
Preparing for a big mountain It took a while until Chimborazo revealed itself to us. It was not until a sudden 10 second- window opened up in the thick fog, while approaching El Castillo at around 7:00 am in the morning, when we could see the Veintimilla summit surrounded by white smoke of snow, violently blowing across...
Published by andre68 9 January 2011, 23h21 (Photos:41 | Comments:1)
Ecuador   PD I  
3 Dec 10
Cotopaxi on a beautiful day.
Third time to Cotopaxi Just a couple of minutes after KLM's big MD11 took off from Guayaquil airport we could spot the huge, snow covered volcanoes when the aircraft entered the Avenida dos Volcanoes on it's 30 minutes flight to Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. We fought to get a glance out through the small windows on...
Published by andre68 30 December 2010, 16h04 (Photos:46)
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