Nünalpstock, Haldimattstock, Looegg, Bärenturm

Published by Cirrus , 16 March 2008, 22h19.

Region: World » Switzerland » Obwalden
Date of the hike:15 March 2008
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Snowshoe grading: WT3 - Demanding snowshoe hike
Geo-Tags: Hagleren und Giswilerstöcke   CH-OW   Entlebucherflühe - Fürstein 
Time: 5:00
Height gain: 975 m 3198 ft.
Height loss: 825 m 2706 ft.
Access to start point:öV Sörenberg, Talstation Rothornbahn
Access to end point:Bergrestaurant Stäldeli; Zu Fuss
Accommodation:Bergrestaurant Stäldeli

Hiking classification: 3 stars(nice)

The northern slopes of the Brienzer Rothorn had snow (almost) to Sörenberg, but the southern slopes had a general lack of snow. We walked until 1700 m without snow shoes. In these lower parts we saw a gemse. It was very mild weather with a lot of sun shine, so altogether not really winter conditions . On the ridge towards Nünalpstock we started to walk with snow shoes. The final ascent to Nünalpstock was very steep, 35 degrees over 50 height meters. In addition, the snow was very wet here. The continued way along the ridge (Haldimattstock, Looegg, Bärenturm) was pleasant with better, but very irregular snow conditions. The direct descent from Sattelpass through open parts in the woods had a lot of snow, so that we could wear the snow shoes almost to 1300 m.

Route: Sörenberg Talstation Rothornbahn- Schwendeli- Rotspitz (p. 1700, SW von Gipfel)- Heimegg- Nünalpstock- Haldmattstock- Looegg- Bärenturm- Pt. 1614- sattelpass- Schaftelenmoos- Stäldili

Wetter: Sonnig und frühlingshaft mild. Immer mehr hohe Wolken, mit Halophenomenen. Am Abend nach 22 Uhr zunehmend windig.

Tiere: 1 Gemse


Hike partners: Cirrus


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