Clear views on the Uetliberg

Published by 360 Pro , 9 January 2008, 19h39.

Region: World » Switzerland » Zürich
Date of the hike: 8 January 2008
Hiking grading: T4 - High-level Alpine hike
Geo-Tags: Albiskette - Höhronen   CH-ZH 
Access to start point:cff logo Sood
Access to end point:cff logo Uetliberg

Inspired by ABoehlen’s Fernsichten vom Gurten, I hiked up to Zurich’s “Hausberg” the Uetliberg, not only to enjoy the excellent panorama on a clear day but also to look for some far away mountains on the horizon.

For my route up to the Uetlibrg I started at cff logo Sood-Oberleimbach and first followed the path towards Baldern. As one probably could anticipate from 360, I didn’t just follow the T1/”Autobahn” up to the Uetliberg, but was looking for a not-so-easy alternative route.

This time I left the path right at a prominent “Schrebergarten” on the left hand side shortly before Leimbihof. I walked up towards a little chalet like hut. Instead of going all the way to the “chalet” I went into the forest on the right and then followed the ridge, which takes you up to a fireplace built by the city of Adliswil. The ridge is not very distinct at the beginning but the higher up you climb the steeper and clearer it gets. Some little sandstone rocks offer short and easy climbing occasions (I, maybe an easy II at most), but in case you don’t feel like it you can easily bypass these rocks left or right. The whole ridge is probably only a T3+, but since it was very wet and extremely slippery I give it a T4. From the fireplace I followed the “Autobahn” coming from Felsenegg going to the Uetliberg.

After an extensive study of the panorama and foto session on the tower of the Uetliberg Kulm, I walked to the train stop cff logo Uetliberg and took the SZU back home.

The visibility was excellent and I discovered a mountain on the horizon, which I haven’t seen before from the Uetliberg,: Piz Linard, the highest mountain in the hikr-maker land – Hello Anna and Stani from Zurich :-) 

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ABoehlen Pro says: Great views
Sent 10 January 2008, 07h06
Hi 360

Great views from Uetliberg, I'm impressed! Unfortunately I've been there for only one time and the view-conditions hadn't been good then either.

Have you also seen parts of the Jura? The Jura mountains are always more difficult to see across a great distance, because they are less high than the summits of the Alps and therefor the sight-line goes through denser parts of the atmosphere.

Greetings, Adrian

360 Pro says: RE:Great views
Sent 10 January 2008, 08h22
As you sort of guessed, the view westwards wasn't too good, it was "kind of foggy" or as you say "the atmosphere was dense". Also, in the late afternoon and evening the Jura is against the light. Maybe early in the morning would be a better time to see the Jura from Uetliberg.

ABoehlen Pro says: RE:Great views
Sent 10 January 2008, 10h00
>it was "kind of foggy" or as you say "the atmosphere was dense".
Sorry for my English...

Yes, the morning is a good time to look at remote Jura summits. I've made this experience also here in the region Berne, while trying to see La Dôle or even Le Reculet.

360 Pro says: RE:Great views
Sent 10 January 2008, 11h55
> it was "kind of foggy" or as you say "the atmosphere was dense".
> Sorry for my English...

By all means, I did not mean to comment on your English, I would be the last person to do that - I'm not native English speaking myself!

I actually found your way of articulating: "damp, fog, smog, whatever..." with the words "the atmosphere is dense" a nice way of scientifically describing these conditions!

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