Sasso Canale 2.411m

Published by brunoz , 4 December 2009, 14h37.

Region: World » Italy » Lombardy
Date of the hike:15 October 2005
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: I 
Time: 6:30
Height gain: 1207 m 3959 ft.
Height loss: 1207 m 3959 ft.
Route:S. Bartolomeo - Alpe di Mezzo - Sasso Canale
Access to start point:Driving up the SS340, on the western shore of Como lake, you get to Gera Lario where you need to deviate up an increasingly steep and narrow road going to Bugiallo and ending by the tiny church of S. Bartolomeo where there is very little room for car-parking.

This is a very nice walk which, with a relatively modest effort, offers breathtaking views.
You start off from the tiny parking place at S. Bartolomeo and go up the well marked comfortable path that, by going through the woods, will gradually get you to Alpe di Mezzo. Being October, this first part of the hike was particularly nice thanks to lovely, warm, autumn foliage shades. Getting to Alpe di Mezzo the path would eventually go ahead to Bocchetta di Chiaro, but instead you would need to deviate left across Alpe di Mezzo itself and then along a trail at times uncertain. There is no danger of getting lost as you may definitely like to ascend along a pretty long, low and straight stonewall called 'Terminun' which ultimately gets you on the very wide ridge. You would then suddenly be viewing the town of Chiavenna at your feet plus an unbelievable number of peaks; so, added to the view you get looking south, i.e. the upper part of Como lake and the peaks surrounding it, you may remark that, yes, life is really worth living! Anyway, now the path is marked quite well as you go up the ridge to the only somehow critical point, just a couple of steps requiring your hands to provide extra help. After this the summit area is reached within a bunch of minutes and you get to understand why this ascent is so popular: no less than 360° of  extraordinary sight. Highly recommended. 

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heliS says: Inglese
Sent 4 December 2009, 16h15
E' un gran peccato che le tue relazioni non siano in italiano, visto che frequenti zone di questa lingua :)

brunoz says: RE:Inglese
Sent 9 December 2009, 11h05

Considero che
italiano/tedesco = tedesco/italiano

e che
italiano/inglese = tedesco/inglese...

... giusto per cercare rendere accessibili le proprie relazioni
anche oltre il proprio cortiletto ;) .


heliS says: RE:Inglese
Sent 9 December 2009, 17h49
Peccato che il "cortiletto" non sempre ti capisca e oltretutto sarebbe il primo utilizzatore della relazione.
Cmq quel giorno c'ero anch'io ... rela sul mio sito ;)

brunoz says: RE:Inglese
Sent 10 December 2009, 17h46
Ciao !!

Credo che Hikr voglia essere una comunità internazionale, non una
raccolta di cortiletti.
Se poi "questo" cortiletto non capisce, mi spiace.
Ho comunque la certezza, scrivendo in inglese, di avere allargato il
"bacino di fruizione".


heliS says: RE:Inglese
Sent 10 December 2009, 19h18
Sicuramente ci saranno molti piu' stranieri che andranno al Sasso Canale dopo aver letto la tua relazione ... :)

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