Piz Uccello N

Published by brunoz , 31 August 2015, 23h13.

Region: World » Switzerland » Grisons » Misox
Date of the hike:20 August 2015
Hiking grading: T3 - Difficult Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: Gruppo Uccello-Lumbreida   CH-GR 
Height gain: 1116 m 3660 ft.
Height loss: 1116 m 3660 ft.
Route:San Bernardino - Pian Lumbrif - Cassina de Vignun - Saddle 2678m - Piz Uccello N
Maps:CNS 1254 Hinterrhein

Hi! After last year's failure, I came back for a further attempt to this much wanted summit, having learned (maybe) from my previous errors. The southern summit of Piz Uccello is what strikes when you reach San Bernardino and, although slightly lower than the northern summit, it is by far more visited.
So, San Bernardino is the starting point. You have a few options to consider for getting into Val Vignun. My favourite is the path kicking off from the mineral water establishment "Acuforta"; you go up (steeply at some points) through the wood, constantly accompanied by the sound of waterfalls, until you peek on the vast plain of Pian Lumbrif where suitable indications are provided to allow turning right towards Strecc de Vignun. Here the path is not always too evident, but you cannot mistake direction anyway. Within short you would reach Cassina de Vignun, catching up whit the other main path from San Bernardino. Painted marks would advise to move leftwards on a faint path heading to Piz Uccello, but I thought I was too smart for that and kept going ahead well into Val Vignun. After crossing the main stream descending from Foppa del Piz, at some arbitrary point, just before Motta de Caslasc, I left the path and started going uphill on slippery grass. Quite the same route I followed last year (and perhaps quite the same cows), but now I had clear in mind the point where to push for getting on the ridge with the least hassle. A very large walk, going first N, then NW, then W, with no serious inconveniences, the muddy soil apart... which was quite annoying, considering the combination with the extremely poor rock. Once under the "right" saddle, I sharply turned right (northwise). I Needed to help myself with my hands on the last few slippery meters before getting on the ridge, which I reached very close to the mentioned saddle, marked 2678meters on the CNS map. I feared the ridge might have been a rough issue, but that was not at all the case, it's almost a motorway! So, very happily, in a few minutes I summited. Marvellous visions: the close view of the southern summit, the San Bernardino pass, the Misox and Calanca mountains, Piz Cavriola and the peeking Einshorn. Just a pity that the opposite side of Val Vignun was extremely cloudy around 2800/2900meters. Going down I chose to shortcut through the grassy slopes (packed with marmots) until an imposing cairn (2382meters on the CNS map). I love going off-track! Got to Cassina de Vignun and chose to go back to San Bernardino on the other path, for one reason only: it touches a magnificent waterfall and that was where I stopped to have my meal + some rest.
Lovely hike, no specific skills or equipment required other than normal hiking gear.
My thanks to Tapio for providing me precious info.


Hike partners: brunoz

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tapio says: Piz Uccello
Sent 1 September 2015, 09h25
You're welcome. The north bird was worth a visit, wasn't it?
Greets, Fabio

brunoz says: RE:Piz Uccello
Sent 1 September 2015, 11h04
Hi Fabio-tapio! Yes, really worth. I loved it and will return, sooner or later. Thanks again for your assistance!
Meanwhile I'm having a look at your hike to Poncione di Braga: very attractive, but I'm not sure I can make it in one day. The Capanna is there, anyway! Cheers. Bruno.

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