Col de la Crosatie

Published by Wouter , 20 September 2012, 22h38.

Region: World » Italy » Val d'Aosta
Date of the hike:26 August 2012
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
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Time: 9:45
Height gain: 1170 m 3838 ft.
Height loss: 1170 m 3838 ft.
Route:Planaval – Lago di Fond – Col de la Crosatie – Lago di Fond – Planaval
Access to start point:Drive into the Valgrisenche valley and turn into the road towards Planaval. Head through the village, continue past La Clusaz and park at the bend in the road at the start of path 21, or Alta Via 2.
Maps:Escursionista 02

Planaval – Lago di Fond (3h10)
The path ascents steeply through the forest running underneath some cliffs (photo 1). Quickly you have views on Planaval and the surrounding Valgrisenche valley (photo 2). After passing the ruins of Benew you come close to the Torrente de Planaval. You pass some water structure after which the path splits, only to merge quickly thereafter. You arrive at a more flat meadow which allows nice views on the distant Ghiacciaio del Château Blanc (photo 3), a glacier on the Testa del Rutor massif. After crossing a bridge there is again a steep section to a second more flat meadow, which you enter by crossing a second bridge. Both meadows are beautiful to hike through (photo 4). You pass the ruins of the Fond pasture and a final steep section brings you to Lago di Fond. This is a beautiful and calm lake with nice surrounding mountains.

Lago di Fond – Col de la Crosatie (2h20)
The path again ascents steeply towards the grassy ridge that was visible from Lago di Fond (photo 5). From this ridge you have nice views back to the lake (photo 6). The ridge becomes rocky and the path ascents on the right side of it. The path then becomes a bit up and down, curving to the left over a last rocky section. The pass, indicated with a masonry pole (photo 7), will surprise you in clear weather with a marvelous view over the Mont Blanc massif (photo 8), as well as the valley on the other side of the pass. A look back also provides a nice view (photo 9). For those who want, it should be possible to climb 100m towards Punta de la Crosatie by following the ridge (photo 10). There is however no indicated path.

Col de la Crosatie – Planaval (3h30)
The way back follows the same path. After 10.9km and 9h50, also including 20min at Lago di Fond and 30min at Col de la Crosatie, you are back at the car. Note that due to the steep sections, and especially for the descent, my wife had to endure pain in her knees. Hiking times should be shorter for people without this problem.

Hike partners: Wouter

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