Saflischpass, 2563m; hiking-tour from Binn to Rosswald (Tour 2/4)

Published by RainiJacky , 10 July 2011, 12h10.

Region: World » Switzerland » Valais » Oberwallis
Date of the hike:29 June 2011
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: CH-VS 
Time: 7:30
Height gain: 1550 m 5084 ft.
Height loss: 1100 m 3608 ft.
Route:Binn - Ze Binne, Pt. 1341 - Pt. 1584 - Rufibort, Pt. 1819 - Alp Sickerchäller, Pt. 1932 - Saflischpass, Pt. 2563 - Fleschbode, Pt. 2135 - Rosswald, Pt. 1819
Access to start point:mit ÖV oder PW bis Binn
Accommodation:Empfehlenswert: Hotel Ofenhorn in Binn; Hotel Klenenhorn in Rosswald
Maps:1:25'000; Blatt 1270 Binn & Blatt 1289 Brig

Saflischpass, 2563m; hiking-tour from Binn to Rosswald (Tour 2/4)
Day 2: After a good night and a generous breakfast in the Ofenhorn Hotel in Binn we started the next big mountain trip over the Saflischpass to Rosswald. A short walk through the typical village with nice timber houses led us to the hamlet Ze Binne.
We then crossed pasture land alive with flowers and butterflies and climbed steadily uphill.
As the weather forecast had predicted, the sunny weather changed very quickly and when we arrived at the Saflischpass we had to be wearing rainjackets.
During the hike from the pass to Rosswald the weather changed all the time.  At last we reached Rosswald. This small village looked like a "ghost-city". We couldn't seeing anybody - all houses with closed window shutters looked at us.
But in the hotel Klenenhorn we were very warmly welcomed! We stayed there with another 2 couples for the night and enjoyed a 2nd night in a hotel - which was atypical for us. (normally we prefer SAC huts)
For the other 3 tours look at: "Eggishorn"; "Mäderllicke" & "Bistinepass"

Hike partners: RainiJacky

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