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Bike & hike from Alvaneu to Piz Mulain (2625 m)

Published by Roald , 27 May 2017, 23h29.

Region: World » Switzerland » Grisons » Lenzerheide
Date of the hike:27 May 2017
Hiking grading: T4- - High-level Alpine hike
Mountain-bike grading: F - Easy
Geo-Tags: CH-GR 
Time: 6:00
Height gain: 1400 m 4592 ft.
Height loss: 1400 m 4592 ft.
Route:13 km
Access to start point:By car to Alvaneu Dorf. Parking above the village, at the forest.

Piz Mulain is a peak above the village called Alvaneu Dorf. Until now it had not been described here on, so I was rather unsure about the best way to hike there, and about the difficulties.

I started my hike just above the village Alvaneu Dorf at elevation 1250 m. There is a small parking lot at the end of the road. To drive further up, a special permit is required. I brought my mountain bike along, but I mostly walked the bike up on the forest road. The average slope is approx. 14 %. After 4.5 km I reached the end of that forest road at elevation 1760 m.

Next, I continued up through the forest on a ridge where there was an unmarked path. Higher up the path became more difficult to see, and in some places path traces went left or right. It looked like these paths were mostly used by animals. Overall, the ascent through the forest is rather steep (T3). Finally, at elevation 2100 m, I got above the forest line. Here it was a good time to memorize for the return trip where I had come up.

From here on it was no problem anymore to find the right way. But from below, the last part of the ascent to the summit of Piz Mulain looked a bit difficult... I worked my way up the grassy mountain side, and reached P.2345, which is already a great viewpoint. When I got closer to the rocky area, there was an unmarked path towards the summit. The first rock tower could be easily passed on the right side (east) (T3+), and then it was only 50 m more to the summit P.2577 with the big cross. The final ascent to P.2577 requires a little bit the use of the hands (T4-). At P.2577 there is a summit book from 1995! According to the summit book, the peak had only been visited four times this year. (But there is a designated wildlife area in the forest where I ascended, and access is prohibited 20.Dec. - 30.April).

The main summit of Piz Mulain is about 250 m further north, and 50 m higher. To get there, you need to descend from P.2577 (T4-); after that it is easy to get to the main summit.

The view from Piz Mulain was fantastic! Close-up views to Piz Linard "Jr." and Lenzer Horn, with Aroser Rothorn and Erzhorn further back. Panoramic view to Piz Ela, Corn da Tinizong, and Piz Mitgel!

On the descent I generally followed the same route as for the ascent. After I got back to my bike, it was a fast and easy, but somewhat bumpy ride back down to Alvaneu.

Please see attached GPS track for more details.

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Hike partners: Roald

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