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Federispitz - bike & hike

Published by pave , 25 March 2017, 21h31.

Region: World » Switzerland » St.Gallen
Date of the hike:25 March 2017
Geo-Tags: Speerkette   CH-SG   Speer-Mattstock   Zürcher Hausberge 
Time: 5:30
Height gain: 1479 m 4851 ft.
Height loss: 1479 m 4851 ft.
Access to start point:Nice parking spot on the side of Ledigasse

This hike has been described a gazillion times, I'm posting it mainly to share current conditions.

I was positively surprised by how little snow is left on the mountain. With the exception of the ridge between Federispitz and Plättlispitz, where gaiters were useful, I can say that my route was virtually snow free.

I parked my car on the side of Ledigasse in Schänis and off I went on my bike. The road is paved until the last turn before Schwanten, in places covered by old leaves or rock debris that has fallen from above. In Schwanten I jumped off my bike and continued on foot. Shortly above Schwanten I left the hiking trail and headed west until I reached the ridge. From there up, staying on the top of the ridge except 2 or 3 times when a visible path navigates around (on the west side) some rocky outcrops. After joining the hiking trail from Obernätenalp, easy fininsh to the summit.
I don't like retracing my steps, so for the descent I chose the variant via Plättlispitz. On the ridge between Federi and Plättlispitz there are large snow fields and I decided to put gaiters on. They proved useful. No more snow on the way down from Plättlispitz. Around 1520m I left the trail and headed toward Obernätenalp (path marked on maps). From Obernätenalp, using the marked hiking trail again, down to Schwanten. What's left now is just the small matter (I'm sure my brakes wouldn't agree) of biking down to Schänis.

Hike partners: pave

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PStraub says: Same trip
Sent 26 March 2017, 10h49
I went up there by B&H from Weesen the day before. By bike till Unterfidertschen. Föhn and plenty of snow above Oberfidertschen made the trip rather trying.
You may have noticed my footsteps on the ridge between P.1865 and the "Säntisblick".

pave says: RE:Same trip
Sent 26 March 2017, 13h24
Yes, your footsteps are clearly visible here :-)

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