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I made many real life and online friends on Hikr, I thought this is a convenient medium to say Adieus and thank you for all the good times together.

I am going back to India on 16 November. Sorry I can't make it to the Hikr meeting this time.

My stay in Switzerland has been a whirlwind tour, immensely fulfilling both professionally as well as in the mountains. I have to say, had it not been for Hikr, my life would not have been half as fulfilling. Right from my first Hikr-inspired tour Grosser Mythen (T3) hike to some big alpine routes this year, oh, the journey has been incredibly enjoyable. Of course, I also benefited from KP and SP for info/partners, but for the sheer number of trip reports and the wealth of accurate, current information, nothing like Hikr.

Although I am leaving,and I am looking forward to my new assignment and being close to my family/roots, I will still keep my link to CH alive. I will probably keep coming here as a visiting prof during summers and manage to get a week off for climbing, and in any case, I will try to keep a tab on Hikr.

You guys are so fucking lucky, you have an unfair share of mountains and lakes, Grrrrrr... :-)

Ok guys, so bye for now, until next time that is. In the meantime if any of you visits India, especially for rock climbing in and around Mumbai or Bangalore or Hampi (the last two are really superb places for rock climbing all around the year but especially in winter), you know who to call.


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Lone Ranger says: Entschuldigung
Sent 30 October 2011, 01h27
If there is one thing I regret, it is that in these three year I didn't make any effort to learn German or Swiss German, I have Google translator to blame for that ;-)

Sputnik Pro says:
Sent 30 October 2011, 07h24
Hi TT,

You don't have to say bye. Me and many other HIKR's would be very interessed to see some photos from India. I'm sure you will find some nice hills or rocks in your country and we can read something frrom you in future.

So I wish you a good time in India and perhaps we can make a tour together if you come to Switzerland in summer.


Lone Ranger says: RE:
Sent 31 October 2011, 10h18
Ah, yes that's a good idea, of course I can post some trip reports from there, I forgot that Hikr is international!

roger_h says:
Sent 30 October 2011, 11h28
Hi TT,
It was a pleasure to meet you in person during the hikr-treff 2010. As I already mentioned it was very impressive to see the progress you made in mountaineering and in what time.
Hope to hear from you soon, maybe next summer. Since I'm working closely with colleagues in Mumbai for a software project there's a good chance I had to travel to Mumbai sometimes, if that would be the case I'll try to contact you.
All the best for you and your family.

Lone Ranger says: RE:
Sent 31 October 2011, 10h20
That will be cool, if you come that side.
Thanks for your wishes.

WoPo1961 says:
Sent 30 October 2011, 19h02
Hi LoneRanger,
sorry my english is very bad. But I want to say, that it was very fine to meet you at the Bannalp during the Hikr-meeting 2010. What a pity that we never walking together in the mountain. I wish you a good time in India and maybe we read sometimes something from there.

Lone Ranger says: RE:
Sent 31 October 2011, 10h19
Thanks Wopo, Good to be in touch over Hikr at least.

gero says:
Sent 31 October 2011, 03h07
Bye for now, Lone Ranger!

But ... I think you've got the more fucking mountains in India than we have in Bavaria, Austria or even Switzerland! Have a look to your map, the Northern part of your country ... summits are up to double the heigth of Swiss mountains!

But I admit that 1) they are far away from Mumbai, 2) not easy to reach and finally 3) difficult to climb. Nothing for normal mountaineering guys like us!

So better climb the highest point of Southern India: once I' ve been on Doddabeta decades ago during my honeymoon, but WALKING, not by taxi!

So buy, have a nice time, wish you all the best although we never met.

Greetings, Georg

Lone Ranger says: RE:
Sent 31 October 2011, 10h16
1) , 2) and 3), spot on :-) not for weekend warriors like us

Wow, it is a globalized world! I have only heard of Doddabetta, it means "big hill"in our native language, but beyond that I have no idea.
Thanks for your wishes.

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