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May 12
Piemonte   T3  
12 May 19
Pizzo Marona (windy)
Ascent to Pizzo Marona, within the “Mountain Safety” course of CAI’s Laveno section. Pizzo Marona is the minor brother of the far more glamourous Monte Zeda, in the heart of the wild Val Grande. Not at all an easy stroll! We (Massimo, Giangi, Camilla, Ivan, Andrea and myself) departed from the comfortable parking area at...
Published by brunoz 14 May 2019, 15h14 (Photos:22)
Dec 23
Oberengadin   WT1  
23 Dec 18
Spent a few days in Davos, mainly targeted to a fully relaxed attitude. Still, we tought giving our snowshoes some excitment. Therefore, a mild hike was organized and we set off from Davos-Dorf to the south-eastern bank of the Davoser See. The path is a true family-promenade all the way. You may get to encounter squirrels and...
Published by brunoz 3 January 2019, 13h13 (Photos:14)
Sep 9
Lombardy   T5  
9 Sep 18
Sasso Moro
This is a mountain that stands in a privileged off-line position to offer the all-round vision of most of the Bernina group peaks, and beyond. But Sasso Moro demands for some effort if you want to summit it. As it happens, the only “normal” route departs from Forcella di Fellaria, and rides, roughly, the NW ridge. A couple...
Published by brunoz 13 September 2018, 09h59 (Photos:36)
Aug 21
Locarnese   T3  
21 Aug 18
Pizzo Cramalina
Pizzo Cramalina is a peak located between Vallle di Vergeletto, Valle di Lodano and Valle del Soladino. The easiest access is surely via Valle di Vergeletto. Easy, but not exactly straightforward, as I will detail. Leaving the parking area by the church of Gresso, you have panels having you to immediately get into the wood,...
Published by brunoz 28 August 2018, 13h27 (Photos:24)
Aug 15
Bucegi   T3  
15 Aug 18
Caraiman (long way to...)
A holiday in Rumania gave us the chance to dedicate a day to hiking. For various reasons we ended up choosing the Bucegi area, a plateau around 2.000m elevation with a number of peaks eventually reaching the 2.507m of Omu. We had no specific other target for the day than reaching just any summit Our starting point was at...
Published by brunoz 27 August 2018, 13h32 (Photos:37)
Jul 7
Locarnese   T2  
7 Jul 18
Capanna Cristallina
The Cristallina area is a true hiker-paradise. Still, I had never been to the Cristallina hut. Plan was to add the simple ascent to Cima di Lago, but the day worked out differently. Anyway, there is little to say about getting to the hut, lots of reports. We parked at Lago Scuro, then went up to the Naret dam and contoured the...
Published by brunoz 19 July 2018, 13h06 (Photos:17)
Jan 21
Sottoceneri   T1  
21 Jan 18
Monte San Giorgio, a stroll
Going up to Monte San Giorgio is nothing more than a comfortable walk, however you decide to take it. Fame to this mountain arrived in 2003, when it became a Unesco site thanks to the outstanding prehistoric (Triassic) findings. Having in mind the report by paoloski (and with today’s limited available time), we chose to start...
Published by brunoz 23 January 2018, 13h31 (Photos:18 | Comments:2)
Oct 12
Misox   T3  
12 Oct 17
Piz de Calvaresc
I have been planning Piz de l’Ardion (yes) for quite a while. It seemed the right time, but I discovered that the paved road ascending from Soazza to Alp the Bec can be undertaken only upon specific permit release, which makes a 20CHF expense. Wow, I drove twice up to Alp de Bec not knowing... will not do that again, not for me....
Published by brunoz 13 October 2017, 23h34 (Photos:29)
Sep 13
Locarnese   T4-  
13 Sep 17
Madòm da Sgiòf (wow!)
Wow! What a hike! Considering the only decent weather slot of the week available, we thought giving a try to this peak, having in mind the chance of viewing the magnificence of Poncione d’Alnasca from a privileged point. Well, Hikr bears a number of reports to Madòm da Sgiòf, so we knew for good all what was to be expected,...
Published by brunoz 14 September 2017, 20h01 (Photos:45)
Sep 5
Bellinzonese   T4+  
5 Sep 17
Sosto (unplanned)
One may say that a little-more-than 2.000m height peak, with just some +500m ascent to reach the summit is no more than a walk suitable for a party of old nuns… going up Sosto proves the contrary! First of all it should be said that Sosto was not exactly in today’s plans. We had gone up to the Luckmanier Pass, with the...
Published by brunoz 7 September 2017, 20h17 (Photos:20)
Aug 20
Sottoceneri   T1  
20 Aug 17
Monte Bar & Caval Drossa... ever windy!
Hi there! So, this is just a stroll, an easy walk maybe not deserving to be reported, but still there are points of interest to talk about. First of all this hike offers magnificent all-round views. Then, if you do not wish a crowd extravaganza, you may choose some ascending options providing a more relaxed atmosphere. And, yes, I...
Published by brunoz 22 August 2017, 11h59 (Photos:19)
Aug 13
Locarnese   T3  
13 Aug 17
Pizzo di Vogorno
Pizzo di Vogorno, towering over Locarno, is a much visited summit, you may tell by the number of entries on the summit book. Nevertheless it does require some effort, any route you would decide to undertake. Hikr bears quite a few reports, so I cannot reallyadd much to what has already been written. We started off from Monti della...
Published by brunoz 15 August 2017, 12h18 (Photos:36)
Jun 16
Sottoceneri   T1  
16 Jun 17
Caval Drossa
Caval Drossa is a diminutive peak located close to Lugano, but dwarfed by the far more visited Monte Bar. The combination of including both peaks in a unique hike is quite popular. For personal reasons I have not considered returning to Monte Bar (reached in December 2008, ages ago!). Therefore the brief tour up to Caval Drossa...
Published by brunoz 17 June 2017, 17h05 (Photos:31)
May 26
Bellinzonese   T1  
26 May 17
Pizzo di Nara
The Leventina-Blenio ridge offers a large choice of hikes, most of which are absolutely straightforward, suitable for short-timers, thus providing the most stunning views. Pizzo di Nara is a modest peak, very easily reached from all possible routes. Unlike the majority of my hikes, (and only thanks to Mad, my partner) I got to...
Published by brunoz 28 May 2017, 16h49 (Photos:24)
Mar 10
Misox   WT1  
10 Mar 17
San Bernardino pass (and wind)
It has been a very, very long time since we last hiked on snowshoes. Finally the day has come! An easy, very straight forward thing, just to enjoy the day without too much sweat. San Bernardino is (to me) one of the loveliest places in the Alps, providing the most varied choice in any season and for any mountaineering skill. One...
Published by brunoz 12 March 2017, 18h01 (Photos:16)
Jan 9
9 Jan 17
Föisc (freezing)
Föisc is a diminutive summit located in high Leventina, overlooking the stunning Ritom lake area. Access is extremely easy, provided conditions are reasonably good. That was (partially) not our case. Anyway, having parked at Brugnasco at 07:30 with the pleasing surprise of a +2°C, we badly needed a coffee to get moving. The bar...
Published by brunoz 9 January 2017, 20h51 (Photos:24)
Dec 26
Locarnese   T3  
26 Dec 16
Pilone? Yes, Pilone!
Hi! Pilone (or Cima Pian del Bozzo, a l’italienne) can be reached quite easily from Comologno or Spruga, at the very end of the somewhat hidden Valle Onsernone. Well, in winter things are a little different. Anyway, we kicked off at Spruga, the route initiates right at the car-parking area. Steep right by the start, the very...
Published by brunoz 27 December 2016, 12h30 (Photos:28)
Sep 25
Avers   T3  
25 Sep 16
Wish, wish... Gletscherhorn!!
What a wonderful peak! Gletscherhorn is located in Grisons, deep into the Bergalga valley, which is one of the main valleys of the Avers environment. Gletscherhorn was on the wish-list since 1999, when A.Gogna’s and A. Recalcati’s “Mesolcina e Spluga” CAI guide was first issued. Decision was made Thursday evening: “Ok,...
Published by brunoz 27 September 2016, 14h05 (Photos:36 | Comments:4)
Oct 11
Bellinzonese   T2  
11 Oct 15
Cima di Filo
Of the three summits enclosing the Tremorgio lake, Cima di Filo is definitely the dwarf, but nevertheless it’s a largely easy hike and most rewarding. There are a couple of options to getup there: from the lake (which can be reached by the cableway from Rodi) or from Dalpe, with a little more effort. Eitherway you would have to...
Published by brunoz 12 October 2015, 23h21 (Photos:23)
Aug 30
Locarnese   T3+  
30 Aug 15
Floriano. Although we lived pretty close to each other and shared the same love for the Tessiner Alps, we never actually met. This to my regret. I came to know about him looking for info on Piz Rondadura. When he left us, I thought I would virtually meet him by climbing Piz Rondadura. I gave it a try, but that was the wrong day...
Published by brunoz 15 September 2015, 13h09 (Photos:18)