Mammut-Klettersteig Schweifinen

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » Wallis » Oberwallis
Tour Datum:16 Juli 2015
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T2 - Bergwandern
Klettersteig Schwierigkeit: ZS+
Geo-Tags: CH-VS 
Zeitbedarf: 4:45
Aufstieg: 500 m
Abstieg: 500 m

On the 16th of July, I did the Mammut-Klettersteig Schweifinen together with Dries, of friend of mine from Belgium. I had already done the klettersteig before and I really liked it. We started at 9 o'clock at the Bahnhof in Zermatt. There we followed the direction signs to Pension Edelweiss (Altershaupt). After about 20 minutes we were at the right side of a mountain river. We could see a small wooden bench. There was a junction over there and we turned right. After a while we saw a board with information about the Klettersteig. Here we continued to the right, but that wasn't good. Instead, we should have gone up, unfortunately the path up wasn't really visible because of all the grasses and stuff, that's why we missed it the first time... After another 5 minutes we reached the start of the Klettersteig.

Now a bit more about the klettersteig itself. It consists of three parts: A,B,C. Part A is quite easy, only the first and  last 10 meters are a real klettersteig. For the rest, its just a steep path. When this is over, you'll reach a small wooden hut. There you can go to the right and start part B. (You can also go back to Zermatt). Part B starts easy, but becomes more challenging and fun after a while. The overhanging ladder is, according to me, the most difficult part. By the way, the metal of the ladder is constantly scratching the rocks while climbing, thus resulting in a rather unpleasant noise. (I know this is somewhat irrelevant, but it really irritated me :)) After part B, be sure to turn right again. For some reason we managed to go left again and after about 15 minutes we noticed we weren't really getting closer to part C (despite the sign at the end of part B, which clearly indicated which path we should have taken) ... Part C is about as difficult as part B, but it is twice as long. (It actually has two parts itself). I didn't remember it was so exhausting. The klettersteig is really well made. It isn't too difficult, and there are always enough iron rungs to hold on to. After part C, you can turn right again to go back to Zermatt. The descent was nice as well. I had the impression that not a lot of people took this path, maybe only those who did the Mammut-Klettersteig.

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