Bläss Chopf and Stock – a springlike snowshoe hike from Nesslau to Amden

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » St.Gallen
Tour Datum:20 Januar 2008
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T4 - Alpinwandern
Schneeshuhtouren Schwierigkeit: WT5 - Alpine Schneeschuhtour
Geo-Tags: Speerkette   Speer-Mattstock   CH-SG 
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:cff logo Nesslau-Neu St. Johann
Zufahrt zum Ankunftspunkt:cff logo Amden, Post

There are many ways from the Toggenburg to Amden or Arvenbüel. The most popular and sometimes quite crowded is probably from Stein or Starkenbach to Arvenbüel via Vorder Höhi. The snowshoe hike I describe here avoids the crowds, doesn’t always follow the path and is quite wild.

When I arrived in Nesslau, it looked a lot like spring and felt like I should have brought my shorts instead of snowshoes along. From the train stop I hiked along the marked path to Eggli and from there following the ski route up to Bläss Chopf via Achenriet – Windpläss. I didn’t need my snowshoes up to about 1200m, but then I was very glad to have them.

After a short break on Bläss Chopf I walked down to the hut near P. 1354 and from there pathless down to the hut at P. 1205 ( Heumoos). In the steep south facing forest (T4-) there was almost no snow, so I took the snowshoes off for this stretch. With the snowshoes on again I walked to the bridge at P. 1124 near Fallenboden crossed it and walked along the street to its end.

From there I followed the Schwemmibach on the right side for a few hundred meters and then crossed it near P. 1180, walked up the clearings to Teufenrohr and from there went straight up the forest to P. 1441 near Hinter Höhi. The direct way up to Stock from this point is very steep >35° for almost 200 meters altitude difference and according to SAC-Schwierigkeitsbewertung von Schneeschuhtouren might call for a WT6, however it’s just steep and there are no other alpine dangers, so I only rated it WT5.

Stock, the little brother of Gulmen offers a nice view in all directions, but in order to see all directions you need to walk around the top a little bit. Since it was quite late already I soon went down to Hinter Höhi the way I came up and walked down to Amden via Stöckli, Fallen and Holzli. To my surprise there was enough snow to keep walking with snowshoes down to about 1000m.
As one might guess from the pictures the sunset was amazing!

Nesslau – Egg – Eggli – Achenriet – Windpläss - Bläss Chopf – Heumoos – P. 1124 – P. 1180 – Teufenrohr – P. 1441 – Stock – Stöckli - Fallen – Holzli – Amden

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