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2 days ↑1300 m↓800 m   D+ V  
14 Aug 16
Aréte du Diable-Mont Blanc du Tacul-Mont Maudit
Besteigungsbericht: 13.08 - 14.08.2016 Überschreitung: Areté du Diable - Mont Blanc du Tacul - Mont Maudit Route: Chamonix - Courmayeur – Rifugio Torino – Col du Diable – Corne du Diable – Pointe Chaubert – Pointe Médiane – Pointe Carmen – Isoleé – Mont Blanc du Tacul – Mont Maudit – Aiguille du Midi...
Published by garaventa 24 August 2016, 14h12 (Photos:47 | Comments:5)
↑250 m↓250 m   TD+ 6b+  
24 Jul 16
Face sud du Brévent, voie "Poême à Lou"
Venir grimper à Chamonix l'été au voisinage des téléphériques est certes déconseillé au agoraphobes. Mais si le monde entier vient faire la queue ici, ce n'est pas pour rien : cette voie majeure de la face Sud du Brévent, d'une verticalité quasi dolomitique, offre un rocher tout simplement exceptionnel, sculpté du...
Published by Bertrand 27 July 2016, 15h33 (Photos:8 | Comments:6)
4:00   T1  
9 Jun 16
Das grauslige Wetter macht die Entscheidung für eine Tour nicht einfach. Auch wenn der Dauerregen aufgehört hat, der Boden ist überall ziemlich aufgeweicht. Selbst der Süden konnte nicht punkten. Also nutzte ich den heutigen Tag für eine Reise nach Chamonix. Auch nicht einfach, denn in Frankreich streikt mal wieder das...
Published by Mo6451 9 June 2016, 22h06 (Photos:25)
↑1000 m↓1000 m   PD D  
16 Jun 13
Mont Blanc du Tacul
Due giorni al cospetto delle splendide cime del massiccio del monte Bianco, in compagnia di Elio, Fabiano e Roberto. Era da un pezzo che non sciavo con loro, come dire di no ad una proposta così! Saliamo con la funivia fino al vecchio rifugio Torino, poi tramite 228 interminabili gradini giungiamo al rifugio nuovo. Da qui...
Published by Mauronster 24 June 2013, 22h29 (Photos:41 | Comments:1 | Geodata:1)
15:00↑350 m   D+ III WI3  
15 Sep 11
Adventure on Tour Ronde North Face
This is one of those adventures that you unknowingly or unwillingly get into, but feel so happy and proud of when you come out of it unscathed! Ron is an Israeli climber with about 8 years of climbing experience in the US, and had done North faces up to TD- in the Alps. I am relatively raw, with just over a year of climbing...
Published by Lone Ranger 19 September 2011, 14h22 (Photos:9 | Comments:4)
2:30↑700 m   PD+ II  
22 Aug 11
Mont Blanc du Tacul (Normal Route: NW Face)
Did this the day after Cosmiques Arete. A reasonably good climb, we started out at 6:15 am, summitted around and 8:45, and rapidly descended in just over an hour. The only real difficulty was the last section which has a bit of grade 2-3 rock climbing. Actually it is a simple chimney, but when the ground is icy (it was hard...
Published by Lone Ranger 25 August 2011, 00h21 (Photos:10)
4:00↑270 m   AD 4+  
21 Aug 11
Aiguille du Midi, Arête des Cosmiques
This is a short, lovely technical climb at Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix. An extremely popular route due to easy access and easy descent after the climb. Approach: Can be done as a day trip from Chamonix. We however reached Chamonix the previous evening, took the cable car to Aiguille du Midi and descended to Cosmiques Hut...
Published by Lone Ranger 24 August 2011, 23h53 (Photos:14)