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Generate a virtual panorama
If you were on a summit, made pictures, assembled a panorama and you want to name every peak on photos, then go to this site: [http://www.udeuschle.selfhost.pro/panoramas/makepanoramas_en.htm] It's provided in English, German and Italian.
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New Design
[DE-Version: siehe unten - Version FR: voir plus bas] Hi all, I've slightly modified the design: 1. The first part shows up some random pictures in the biggest possible format (if you only see a link, it's because of the quicktime panos; sorry, I can't change this). 2. Then we have the well-known forum part. 3. And finally all new...
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PeakFinder: New website with 360° panoramic views online
The new PeakFinder website is online!   http://www.peakfinder.org shows from any location a 360° panoramic view with the names of all mountains and peaks.   To plan, explore, print (pdf) and to link with your favorite peaks… *************** Die neue PeakFinder Webseite ist online!...
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Ich habe heute eine sehenswerte Panoramaseite entdeckt: http://www.mountainpanoramas.com/__panolist/panolist.html Kennt ihr die auch? Beim Betrachhten zeigen sich die Bedienungselemente, wenn man mit der Maus in die untere  rechte Ecke geht. Viel Vergnügen, Bulbiferum
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How to create panoramas: the manual
There are mainly two methods for creating panoramas: - You have a camera which allows to take panoramas. You are the lucky one! - You take several pictures and assemble these with a software. That's how I do it and what I'll describe below. What do we need: - a computer (hehehe, funny isn't it?). - two or more pictures that have...
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Online guides for creating panoramas
I'll post here online guides and general web pages about panoramas. panoguide (EN) has really good content and forums; nearly everything is explained in here. Arnaud Frich Photographie (FR) has also good content. Big Ben's Panorama Tutorials (EN) has good content, but it's oriented to Panorama Tools and PTViewer....
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Comment créer un panorama: le mode d'emploi
Voici enfin la traduction française du mode d'emploi pour toutes celles et tous ceux qui ne comprendraient que mal la belle langue de Shakespeare.   Il existe deux méthodes principales pour créer un panorama: - Tu possèdes un appareil photo qui permette de prendre des panoramas. Tu fais partie...
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The rules - what is a panorama?
On Wiki, we find this definition: " A panorama (formed from Greek πᾶν "all" + ὅραμα "sight") is any wide-angle view or representation of a physical space, whether in painting, drawing, photography, film/video, or a three-dimensional model. " A panorama can be horizontal or vertical,...
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