How to create panoramas: the manual

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There are mainly two methods for creating panoramas:
- You have a camera which allows to take panoramas. You are the lucky one!
- You take several pictures and assemble these with a software. That's how I do it and what I'll describe below.

What do we need:
- a computer (hehehe, funny isn't it?).
- two or more pictures that have overlapping areas.
- a stitching software.
- a photo editing software.

The computer and its OS:
It doesn't matter what OS you have, as there's software for nearly every OS. I'm used to have MacOS X and Linux, but I know that Windows has also several good tools.

The stitching software:
The one I use is an open source named Hugin. It can be download here:
Hugin is running on MacOS X, Linux and Windows. They also provide very good tutorials (in English, French, German, etc.) to learn how to use it (here: You will probably need these tutorials, because the software isn't that easy to learn.
A lot of other software can do about the same. You can easily find these on Google by searching for the words: stitching software. Give it a try!

The photo editing software:
When your pictures were assembled, you may need a photo editing software to cut the edges and/or to modify the colors (gamma editing).
Here we have several possibilities:
- the Gimp is a good one, but may be a bit difficult to learn (
- Pinta is much easier to use (, but it's hard to install it on Windows, because it uses an X11 port.
- So on Windows, you can use the very good freeware named PhotoFiltre ( There's an English version as well.

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luke says: Grazie
Sent 24 July 2010, 22h32
Thank you Bergpfad, very clear and simple manual; better universal English language.
I suggest Makecubic too. (Anna's idea, not mine).
Cari saluti

bergpfad73 says: RE:Grazie
Sent 24 July 2010, 23h27
Thanks, Luke.
I never heard about Make Cubic (Mac only), but I'll try it out. And if it's good enough, I'll write something about it.

bergpfad73 says: RE:Grazie
Sent 17 September 2010, 20h22
Hi luke & all,

This software is very old (January 2004) and will no more be executable on the latest OS X (Snow Leopard); it seems to be PPC only (so there's no chance to have it running on Intel procs).

If you're still interested in it, you can find it here:


felixbavaria says: photo editing
Sent 24 July 2010, 22h47
Thanks bergpfad.

Regarding photo editing: the Windows Live Photo Gallery is surprisingly good at enhancing photos ... one of the few pieces of MS software that I usually recommend.

Also you can try the free IrfanView "viewer", which also has basic photo editing capabilities (gamma correction etc.)

bergpfad73 says: RE:photo editing
Sent 24 July 2010, 23h40
Hi FelixW84,

Thanks for your input regarding softwares running under Windows.
I can't test these at home as I'm using UNIX-like OSes only.

luke says: Italiano on
Sent 24 July 2010, 22h48
Su Hikr ci sono molte belle immagini di panorami fornite dagli utenti, ma non ho trovato una Comunità che le raggruppasse ed esponesse.
Eccola qui!

bergpfad73 says: RE:Italiano on
Sent 24 July 2010, 23h31
Hi, Luke.
Sorry, but I don't understand Italian... or I've to use GoogleTranslate ;)
And UpTheHill was 2 hours faster than you were to send me the Italian translation, so I took his.

denali2002 says: Stitching Software
Sent 25 July 2010, 11h09
I use Autopano Pro 2, this tool runs either on Mac and on Windows. And for the editing work I use Photoshop or Capture NX2 if I work with RAW-Pictures (Nikon).

bergpfad73 says: RE:Stitching Software
Sent 17 September 2010, 20h13
Hi denali2002 & all,

This software seems to run on several platforms, but it's not free. Its price is 99 €.


GWu says: Stitching Software - Autostitch
Sent 16 September 2010, 20h01
I can recommend Autostitch, it does stitching automagically and produces even better results than the tiresome, manual process in Hugin.

bergpfad73 says: RE:Stitching Software - Autostitch
Sent 17 September 2010, 20h07
Hi GWu,
With the latest version of Hugin, it's no more so difficult to make panoramas as they've integrated an automation assistant that gets better and better.
The free demo version of Autostitch seems to be Windows only :(

lukas says:
Sent 17 September 2010, 12h30
I use Zoner Photo Manager. The software can do Panaromas automagically. The software is free and to download here:

The software has some other nice features like editing name or Exif for more files at the same time.

bergpfad73 says: RE:
Sent 17 September 2010, 20h10
Hi lukas & all,

The free version of Zoner Photo Studio is Windows XP/Vista/7 only...


Rhenus Alpinus says: Panoramen
Sent 18 September 2010, 12h01
Ich erstelle meine Panoramen mit PTgui, welches es für Mac OS und Windows gibt. Kostenlos ist es leider nicht: 79 Euro muss man schon liegen lassen.

bergpfad73 says: Autopano Giga
Sent 22 February 2011, 21h09
Hi all,

I've recently tried out Autopano Giga 2.0 (actually version 2.5 is on sale) running it on MacOS X. Linux and Windows versions exist as well.

- extremely fast
- assembling 200 images is no more a problem (ok, for this you need a fast computer)... They say it works even with 2000 pix!
- the output has a good quality
- HDR is integrated, so if you've several pix of the same objects, it corrects the colors automatically
- easy to use for basic users

- expensive: more than 200 Euro :(
- buggy if your pix are in a folder located on the desktop (on MacOS)
- difficult to set all the needed settings (for advanced users, Hugin is easier to use)

You can find the software here:

Nyn says: New Stitch-Prog
Sent 2 August 2020, 19h24
I generate my Panos with 'Image Composite Editor' (ICE), which is for windows only, but it is free, offering al lot of options.
I reach good results with it - just have a try!


VG, Nyn

Nyn says: RE:New Stitch-Prog
Sent 31 March 2023, 10h14
Update: Link above broken
ICE is just available on the site

Nyn says: RE:Link Heise
Sent 31 March 2023, 14h31

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