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Nov 16
Luxemburg   T2  
4 Nov 17
Trail on the Rocks
This is a very cool trail. The area around Echternach and Irrel is known for its bizarre rock formations, and the Felsenweg showcases some of its best. There are, in fact, several Felsenwege, numbered one to six, providing hiking fun for several weeks. This trail is technically not at all difficult, but it is a fairly tough...
Published by detlefpalm 16 November 2018, 09h43 (Photos:8 | Geodata:1)
Nov 6
Luxemburg   T2  
30 Jan 18
15 Minutes Alpine Feeling
This trail figures high in the hikers blogosphere. It is also known as Nat'Our #5, it is part of the DeLux Tour Network, it is touted as the best trail in the Vianden area if not west of the river Rhine, hikers rave about the 'Felsenweg' (rocktrail) and others exult about the alpine feelings - and some worry about weather...
Published by detlefpalm 6 November 2018, 12h03 (Photos:6 | Geodata:1)
Nov 2
Luxemburg   T2  
27 Jun 18
Müllerthal is everywhere
As soon as someone in a group of hikers mentions Echternach or Luxembourg's Little Switzerland, another one will mumble Müllerthal. We wanted to find out - and discovered that Müllerthal describes an area, or feeling, rather than just a simple trail. Having said this, there is a signposted Müllerthal trail, which consists of...
Published by detlefpalm 2 November 2018, 18h35 (Photos:11 | Geodata:1)
Luxemburg   T2  
28 Jun 18
Don't get stuck in Mandrock
While there are many shorter and longer trails around Bollendorf, our short trail aims straight for the Mandrock passage. It is difficult to say whether this is truly the narrowest passage in the Müllerthal area, unless you have been everywhere. But the passage is certainly not for the claustrophobic, nor for those that enjoy...
Published by detlefpalm 2 November 2018, 17h41 (Photos:6 | Geodata:1)