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15 Minutes Alpine Feeling

Published by detlefpalm , 6 November 2018, 12h03.

Region: World » Luxemburg
Date of the hike:30 January 2018
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: L   D 
Time: 3:45
Height gain: 540 m 1771 ft.
Height loss: 540 m 1771 ft.
Route:12.3 Kilometers
Access to start point:Vianden. Most of the trail is in Luxembourg, a small part in Germany

This trail figures high in the hikers blogosphere. It is also known as Nat'Our #5, it is part of the DeLux Tour Network, it is touted as the best trail in the Vianden area if not west of the river Rhine, hikers rave about the 'Felsenweg' (rocktrail) and others exult about the alpine feelings - and some worry about weather conditions or their own psyche in preparation for the tour.

We agree that it is a fine trail. The Felsen-part is very nice, especially when going down (because you have many exciting views across the Our valley and dam). The trail also has its modest parts, along roads, broad forest trails or agricultural business. But so it is on many trails: few highlights and many kilometres regular walking.

Having said all this, we certainly recommend this trail. The alpine section is nothing to worry about - the trail remains well-trodden and visible all the way. There is not much exposure – if at all. The trail is signposted very well. Views (from different sections of the trail) are beautiful and uplifting. If it is wet, walking sticks might come handy.

We did the trail on a foggy January day. The trail starts below the Our Dam, with ample parking. The first section leads uphill to the castle of Vianden - which is said to be well worth a visit. We saved it for another day. It continues uphill until you reach the mountain station of the chairlift, which of course didn't operate in January. Continue to the viewpoint before steeply descending to the Bildchenkapelle (chapel). Eventually you reach the Bivelser Steg - a footbridge built many years ago. From the bridge you have good views to the castle Falkenstein. It looks so far, and it is difficult to imagine that you not only will pass one of its gates, but also look down on it within less than one hour.

High on the ridge, along farmland, you approach the Lätgesberg - the place of the (in)famous rock-trail. Enjoy the views across the Our Lake. A little on, the trail is secured by a metal handrail, so very little can happen. The trail is purposely laid across a rocky ridge, which also marks the border between Luxembourg and Germany. If not exactly alpine, it is very enjoyable.

Hike partners: detlefpalm

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