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Jul 13
Bregaglia   T3+  
13 Jul 04
Before the Rock Fall: Sciora and Sasc Furä
The loop hike from Bondo to the Capanna Sciora, Capanna Sasc Furä and back to Bondo used to be rightly famous for its very alpine feeling. The highlight was the Viale, or Viäl, a narrow grassy and precipitous ledge that lead from the Sciora hut in Bondasca valley to the Sasc Furä hut in the Trubinasca Valley, just below Piz...
Published by detlefpalm 27 February 2019, 08h38 (Photos:7)
Jul 11
Bregaglia   T1  
11 Jul 04
Sentiero Panoramico
We had arrived the day before in Vicosoprano, coming from different parts of the world but all from sea level altitude. The first day was meant to be a leisurely acclimatization walk. From the past, I knew the trail from Vicosoprano to Soglio well. Tired travellers will appreciate that this is a downhill trail (mountain-bikes...
Published by detlefpalm 26 February 2019, 09h36 (Photos:6)