Lake Rrove - in spring

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Region: World » Albanien
Date of the hike:30 March 2013
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: AL 
Time: 3:00
Height gain: 266 m 872 ft.
Height loss: 266 m 872 ft.
Access to start point:Reach the lake by driving from Tirana to Baldushk, and then to the lake. Or start from Petrele. The circuit from Petrele to Rrove Lake and to Balldushk and back to Tirana does NOT require a 4WD or high clearance vehicle.

The area west of Petrele (or west of the Tirana - Elbasan road) is not an area really known for its touristic attraction. Life is hard for the farmers everywhere except in the fertile valleys of the Zhulima Valley. The entire area is subject to heavy erosion, which makes it difficult to eak out a living.

For the adventurous hikers, many opportunities exist. None of the hikes is very easy, as most of them may pass steep drops, sometimes over slippery terrain. Route finding is always difficult - of course unless equipped with GPS.

Also this hike qualifies - at least for a short stretch - as an erosion ramble. For some short stretches it follows village paths. Most of the trail, however, goes far into the hinterland, and trails tend to become overgrown or otherwise disused. However, the trail follows the main ridges, and with some preparation - and preferrably a GPS - one does not need to get lost.

The hike starts at Rrove Lake.

You can easily combine this hike with climbing Korbit Mountain (see separate trail Kalofsh Mirë on Korbit Mountain).

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