Zaranika Ramble

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Region: World » Albanien
Date of the hike:27 January 2013
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: AL 
Time: 4:00
Height gain: 410 m 1345 ft.
Height loss: 410 m 1345 ft.
Route:9 kilometer
Access to start point:The trailhead can be reached by driving to Petrele. Before reaching the last switchbacks, a signposted asphalt road leads to the right to Zaranika, which is the name of the river and the village where the hike starts.

After two months inactivity, caused by rain, work and travel, we finally got a nice sunny winter Sunday. We opted for a slow start - a ramble - in the hills on the west side of the Durishit Ridge.

We always thought to do this or a similar when nobody had a really good idea. But this hike is a good idea! It opens up to the hiker the wondwerful world of the steep eroded hills of clay that stretch from Petrele to the coast (see related hikes to Altata and Gallushit).

The hike doesn't lead over a summit, but offers dramatic views nevertheless. It also leads through ancient small villages, with abandonned houses but also people that are determined to stay and not to give up. Not immediately apparent when you preview the hike on google-earth, much of the hike is through pine forests, which the residents are careful not to cut as they kepp the fragile soil together. The trail also leads through many olive groves, and in January people were busy to collect the last fruits and prepare the trees for the next season.

The hike uses some gravel road (we didn't meet a single car), but also leads close to the edge, and in a few places across the top of steeply eroded parts, on narrow trails that can be difficult when wet. Because of this, we rated the hike as moderate, though the exposed parts are only a few meter.

The trail also leads past the main gate of the ancient city of Përsqop (see separate trails), and those with time on their hands can explore those treasures or connect this trail with others in the area.

It is a little curiosity that water is available close to the highest point of the trail!

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 14537.kml Zaranika Ramble
 14538.kml Draive to Zaranika


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