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Traseul Cabana Piatra Arsa_Hotel Pestera_Manastirea Pestera_Schitul Pestera Ialomitei_Cabana Babele

Published by gabiavram , 20 January 2013, 15h31.

Region: World » Romania » Carpati » Muntii Bucegi
Date of the hike: 9 September 2012
Hiking grading: T3 - Difficult Mountain hike
Snowshoe grading: WT3 - Demanding snowshoe hike
Mountain-bike grading: TD - Technically very difficult
Geo-Tags: RO 
Time: 5:00
Height gain: 2200 m 7216 ft.
Height loss: 1950 m 6396 ft.
Access to start point:Complex Sportiv Piatra Arsa
Access to end point:Cabana Babele
Accommodation:Complex Sportiv Piatra Arsa** Hotel Pestera**** Cabana Babele**

De la Cabana Piatra Arsa (1950 m) poteca se indreapta catre vest, coborand paralel cu Valcelul Jepilor Mari (stanga); dupa 10-15 min de la cabana traverseaza V. Izvorul Dorului si urca apoi usor prin pajistile valurite de musuroaie ale "Plaiului lui Pacala". Dupa o usoara curba spre dreapta, poteca ne conduce in saua Cocora-Laptici, situata in marginea vestica a paltoului.
Inainte se deschide albia larga a V. Ialomitei, dincolo de care se inalta, intr-un noian de spinari joase, Vf. Leaota; spre vest zarim Saua Strungii si Strungile Mari, in continuare, spre nord, Spinarea Doamnele, iar mai la dreapta, varfurile netede ale Obarsiei.
Din sa, poteca incepe sa coboare usor, in lungul versantului vestic al Muntelui Cocora, iar dupa ce traverseaza viroagele V. Trasnetului, ajunge dupa 15-20 min de coboras in V. Laptici. Urcand pe malul opus, peste un strat de gresii inclinate, drumul continua aproape orizontal, lasand in stanga plaiul inierbat al Piciorului Cocorei, iar in dreapta, sus, stancariile de calcare de sub creasta Cocorei. Dupa 10-15 min din V. Laptici poteca traverseaza Valcelul Cocorei, de unde, printr-o cotitura brusca la stanga, strabate catre vest Creasta Varfurile Mari, iar dupa cca 20 min din Valcelul Cocorei ajunge in poienita Varful cu Bradet. De aici, drumul coteste brusc spre dreapta si coboara repede la Cabana Pestera (1610 m).
La 5 minute de hotel Pestera coboram la manastiea Pestera, iar de aici coboram treptele unei scari spre Cheile Ursilor, iar dupa ce trecem pe malul opus urcam la dreapta spre Pestera Ialomitei unde , la intrarea in pestera se gaseste Schitul Pestera Ialomitei.La revenire trecem din nou pe langa manastirea Pestera si hotel Pestera si ne indreptam spre telecabina care ne va urca la Cabana Babelesau urcam picioru Babelor pe marcaj cruce albastra in cca 2 ore

Hike partners: gabiavram


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Sent 21 January 2013, 12h15
Hallo Gabiavram!
Is it true, that in the Carpathian Mountains there are still living some bears? Did you ever met one or see some traces? Do people have to be afraid of coming into conflict with a bear some times? I often read even of bears in the near of the villages in Romania searching for food in the carbage cans?
I like bears very much, but I know very well that they are no "teddybaers"! If they are hungry or have some youngs with them it is not a pleasure to meet them.

It`s a very nice landscape where you live!

Best wishes


gabiavram says: RE:
Sent 21 January 2013, 13h06
Indeed there are many bears near the towns of Brasov,Predeal,Busteni, Sinaia, but on Tranfagarsan road near Vidraru lake.
I am afraid to leave the car, when I climb to Quota 1400m from Sinaia.
People make mistakes and give them to eat.
Here are some addresses on YouTube with videos, you can call more movies if you have time -


Winterbaer says: RE:
Sent 21 January 2013, 13h22
Thanks a lot for the links!
I like very much to see wild bears in the nature. But I also understand that it could become very dangerous if they live in the near of towns. I read that in the Carpathian Mountains there is a big population of bears. They are simply beautyful to watch. I like bears so much! But to meet them, I don`t know.

Take care of yourself and of the bears!


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