Engstligenalp- Kandersteg

Published by Cirrus , 6 August 2007, 21h26.

Region: World » Switzerland » Bern » Frutigland
Date of the hike:28 July 2007
Hiking grading: T3 - Difficult Mountain hike
Time: 6:00
Height gain: 800 m 2624 ft.
Height loss: 1500 m 4920 ft.
Access to start point:Engstligenalp, mit Seilbahn erreichbar
Access to end point:öV Kandersteg

Hike classification: 3 stars (nice)

From Engstligenalp an efficient ascent over nice hiking paths, later rocky material to the Chindbettipass. There was a lot of wind, and I decided to descent into the "Tälli", which has a glaciar in the upper part. The Lämmerenhütte can be reached over this glaciar. I saw around 15 steinböcke in the Tälli. A very nice area. After reaching the valley bottom of the "Tälli", a new, short ascent goes up to a pass, with a descent in the nice area of Rote Chumme. After some time Schwarenbach is reached, and from here onwards there were many people on the road. This broad road goes over the Gemmipass. After a short time walking along this hiking high way, I took the marked hiking road into the Gasteretal, which has some nice views down in the canyon and which is somewhat exposed.  At Waldhus there was no postbus, it seems it has to be reserved (?). Nevertheless, the first part of the road down to Kandersteg is still interesting and goes along a wild creek with some water falls.

Route: Engstligenalp- Chindbettipass- Rote Chumme- Schwarenbach- Spittelmatte- Waldhus- Kandersteg

Wetter: Erst viel Wind und viele Wolken, später ziemlich sonnig, Am Anfang des Nachmittag grössere Quellwolken, Tropfen.


Hike partners: Cirrus


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