Sierra de Espadan: lokal Sandsteine mit spezielle Vegetation

Published by Cirrus , 3 July 2007, 23h36.

Region: World » Spanien » Valencia » Castell√≥n
Date of the hike: 1 July 2007
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Time: 4:00
Height gain: 500 m 1640 ft.
Height loss: 500 m 1640 ft.
Access to start point:PW Azuebar, weiter Strasse entlang bis irgendwo
Access to end point:PW Azuebar, weiter Strasse entlang bis irgendwo

This hike took place in the province of Castellon, close to the border with the province of Valencia, in Spain. The start is some kilometers from the municipality of Azuebar. The walk starts by following a "barranco" (T1). This barranco was dry now, but during and after heavy rain events an important river discharge is observed here. This barranco was characterized now by shadow (yes!), and relatively humid conditions. The vegetation indicated that the groundwater level is not very deep here. Due to the relatively acid underground, this is one of the few areas in the region where the trees grow that we observed here, and that are used to gain corch. In other parts of Spain, like in Extremadura, extended areas exist where this tree grows.

Following the barranco, after some time a ghost house is reached, and an ascent over increasingly small hiking paths leads to a ridge. This ridge is followed during some time. Finally, a somewhat steep descent with quite some stones (T2) bringes us back into the valley, where the main road is followed to reach again our car (the starting point).

Route: Sierra de Espaldan

Wetter: Sonne und zunehmend hohe Wolken, einige Quellwolken. Heiss, später Meereswind.

Tour mit Eduardo, Carles und Ana.

Hike partners: Cirrus


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