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2:30↑612 m↓612 m   T2  
3 Dec 11
Rumija in Fog
Rumija is both a good drive and a good climb. Both are exciting in their own ways, and neither is particularly long or exhausting. Rumija is a very prominent mountain range, with the highest point around 1589 Meter. Views - if not shrouded in fog, must be marvelous, both towards Skader Lake and the Adriatic Sea. In trun, Rumija...
Published by detlefpalm 23 June 2012, 22h24 (Photos:10 | Geodata:2)
4:30↑588 m↓588 m   T2  
26 Feb 11
High Above Sveti Stefan
Most visitors to Budva prefer to stay at the seaside, and Budva itself is indeed a good place to spend some time. However, for the more energetic, a little hike up an escaprment to a small old church, with fantastic views to Sveti Stefan and the coastline up and down, is the right thing to do. From the car park, walk along the...
Published by detlefpalm 27 June 2012, 17h51 (Photos:5 | Geodata:1)
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1 Sep 10
Rumija (1595m)
Die montenegrinische Küste wird fast durchgehend von Bergketten begleitet, nur ganz im Süden bei Ulcinij bestimmt flaches Land das Küstengebiet. Doch bevor es flach wird, steigt es im Rumija-Gebirge nochmal fast auf 1600 Meter Höhe. Der höchste Gipfel heißt wie das Gebirge und bietet, genau zwischen Meer und Skadarsee...
Published by Tef 20 September 2010, 20h56 (Photos:33)