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Glarus   T6- II  
17 Jun 17
Mürtschenstock Ruchen
When driving below on the A3, the Mürtschenstock doesn't look like a mountain that can be scrambled up. Yet while the full ridge traverse is indeed a highly regarded undertaking for climbers, the normal route onto the highest summit (Ruchen) is actually within reach of alpine hikers. The starting point of Talalp can be reached by...
Publiziert von Stijn 21. Juni 2017 um 20:16 (Fotos:45 | Kommentare:4 | Geodaten:1)
Glarus   T4  
13 Jun 17
Leiststock - Nüenchamm at sunset
Long days and stable weather: perfect conditions for another after-work sunset hike. We drive up to Mullernberg, where the restaurant is now permanently closed, so it's no problem to use the parking there. We hike up to the Hofalpli, where the ascent to the Fedensattel starts along the fence behind the alp buildings. There are...
Publiziert von Stijn 19. Juni 2017 um 22:47 (Fotos:42 | Geodaten:1)
Dänemark   T1  
5 Jun 17
Stevns Klint
This hike report is somewhat different than what I usually publish here on Hikr. Mostly because there are no mountains to be found here. But this hike reminded me of the fact that you don't necessarily need mountains for a stunningly beautiful landscape. (Living in Switzerland, you risk getting a little prejudiced about that...)...
Publiziert von Stijn 17. Juni 2017 um 21:46 (Fotos:33)
Grosswalsertal   T5- I  
25 Mai 17
Walserkamm, Hoher Freschen, Dornbirner First
"Möglichst lange oben bleiben, wo die Aussicht am schönsten ist. Mit spektakulären Tief- und Weitblicken zu beiden Seiten." So says t2star in the latest "4-seasons" Transa magazine. It might as well have been the motto of this 3-day Vorarlberg trek. Not only did we complete the sublime Walserkamm, we then crossed the Furkajoch...
Publiziert von Stijn 29. Mai 2017 um 22:28 (Fotos:188 | Kommentare:6 | Geodaten:3)
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