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Sottoceneri   T3  
10 Feb 18
Monte Brè, Monte Boglia, Gandria
Already in January, I had planned a hike onto Monte Boglia via the southwest ridge (or "Igor's secret ridge", as the Italian Hikrs call it). My backpack was already packed, but I fell ill overnight and had to cancel the trip. One month later, there is another chance to escape the bad weather in the north and enjoy some sunshine in...
Publiziert von Stijn 13. Februar 2018 um 21:40 (Fotos:42 | Kommentare:4 | Geodaten:1)
Glarus   WS+  
27 Jan 18
Chli Chärpf, descent via Bischofalp
After last week's rain and mild temperatures, it was clear that we would need to go fairly high to find decent snow. Our choice fell on Chli Chärpf. Since we were thinking of taking on of the alternative decent routes (Filetsch or Bisschofalp) we park the car at the layby slightly below P. 1261 (Büelhütte), rather than on the...
Publiziert von Stijn 28. Januar 2018 um 16:28 (Fotos:54 | Kommentare:2)
Uri   WS  
13 Jan 18
Rottällihorn, Gross Leckihorn, descent Witenwasserenpass-Oberwald
Day 1 Realp - Rottällihorn - Rotondohütte 1400m ascent, 350m descent, 4h45, PD The weather is perfect and skiers have come to Realp by the dozens to take advantage of the conditions. Around Höhenbiel, the "summer route" is passable on skis as well, with the exception of the debris of one avalanche, which needs to be...
Publiziert von Stijn 17. Januar 2018 um 21:00 (Fotos:70 | Kommentare:3 | Geodaten:2)
Surselva   WS-  
3 Dez 17
Fil de Cassons
Until 2015, a cable car made the Fil de Cassons accessible to skiers in the Flims-Laax area. There are already big plans for a futuristic replacement cable car. However, in the meantime, the superb south-southwest slopes of the Fil de Cassons are much quieter, making them an interesting goal for a ski tour. Though there is snow...
Publiziert von Stijn 4. Dezember 2017 um 23:44 (Fotos:51 | Kommentare:2 | Geodaten:1)
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