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Schwyz   T4+  
27 Nov 16
Sisiger Spitz - Fronalpstock
When I called to book the Riemenstalden bus (, there seemed to be some surprise at the other end of the line that anybody would want to use the bus at all. Indeed, the conditions on the Lidernen side look pretty unsuitable for both hiking and skiing and the cable car is not in service. But we have our eye on...
Publiziert von Stijn 28. November 2016 um 22:00 (Fotos:45)
Appenzell   T4  
26 Nov 16
My second time doing the Marwees ridge. Last time, the clouds prevented me from getting any views from the summit. This time I was rewarded with great summit views, while everything lower down was covered by several layers of low cloud... ---- I pick at different approach route this time, starting in Wasserauen and reaching...
Publiziert von Stijn 26. November 2016 um 22:25 (Fotos:27)
Glarus   T4+  
30 Okt 16
Bockmattlistock + Tierberg
We start our hike at the Brunnmettlenalp, reached by car on an unpaved road from the upper end of the Obersee. There is ample parking at the end of the public road at ca. 1175m. We continue on foot to Ahornen where we join the alpine route onto the Tierberg. At P. 1524 (signpost), there is choice between two different paths. We...
Publiziert von Stijn 1. November 2016 um 20:42 (Fotos:40 | Geodaten:1)
St.Gallen   T5- II  
29 Okt 16
Chapf + Margelchopf (NW ridge)
From last year's hike on Glannachopf, Chli Fulfirst and Gross Fulfirst, I already knew that the Werdenberg area is beautiful in autumn colours. This time, we start at Voralp, which we find almost completely deserted at this time of year. We hike up via Ingarnascht, Schlösslichopf and (tonguetwister!) Isisizsess to the Chapf. The...
Publiziert von Stijn 30. Oktober 2016 um 21:25 (Fotos:49 | Geodaten:1)
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