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Surselva   WS-  
3 Dez 17
Fil de Cassons
Until 2015, a cable car made the Fil de Cassons accessible to skiers in the Flims-Laax area. There are already big plans for a futuristic replacement cable car. However, in the meantime, the superb south-southwest slopes of the Fil de Cassons are much quieter, making them an interesting goal for a ski tour. Though there is snow...
Publiziert von Stijn 4. Dezember 2017 um 23:44 (Fotos:51 | Kommentare:2 | Geodaten:1)
Prättigau   T5-  
4 Nov 17
Sassauna, Pfäwi, Lägend Sagettis, Hoch Sagettis, Girenspitz, Höchstelli and countless other small peaks in between. Linked together they make one of the most attractive grass/Schrofen ridges in Switzerland. Attractive because of the very consistent difficulty, always around T4, never much easier, but never much harder either....
Publiziert von Stijn 6. November 2017 um 22:44 (Fotos:68 | Geodaten:1)
Schanfigg   T6 III ZS-  
21 Okt 17
Tschirpen (via ferrata) + Hörnli (former via ferrata)
The Arosa ski area might not seem like the most attractive setting for a hike. Still, as long as you don't walk through the middle of all of the infrastructure, there is some great scenery and plenty of opportunity for exploration. We made a loop (or rather: a near-perfect square) around the southern half of the ski area, visiting...
Publiziert von Stijn 25. Oktober 2017 um 22:46 (Fotos:54 | Geodaten:1)
Obwalden   T5+ II  
14 Okt 17
Schafnase NW ridge + Rossflue
The northwest ridge on the Schafnase summit of the Giswilerstock is a popular route on Hikr, and rightfully so. The nearby Glaubenbielen pass means that you can complete a worthwhile and challenging scrambling route in less than 3 hours. Including the traverse of the Rossflue gives you even more fun, while the total time stays...
Publiziert von Stijn 18. Oktober 2017 um 19:07 (Fotos:52 | Kommentare:1 | Geodaten:1)
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