Pizzo La Scheggia (La Finestra), Arvogno in winter

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Region: Welt » Italien » Piemont
Tour Datum:18 November 2017
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T4- - Alpinwandern
Hochtouren Schwierigkeit: WS-
Geo-Tags: I   Vigezzo 
Zeitbedarf: 11:00
Aufstieg: 1300 m
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:E62 Autostrade leading onto SS33 towards Domodossola. Follow signs for Masera on SS337 heading East. Turn of for Santa Maria Maggiore. Follow signs uphill for Loc. Arvogno start and finish). IMPORTANT do not follow your satnav through Santa Maria Maggiore as the streets are very narrow and some are impassable to cars.

Leaving the car at Arvogno (20 parking spaces) at 8 o’clock, we took the M15 path towards La Scheggia.  Steep downhill through the forest (pay close attention to the red and white trail markers as very easy to get lost) to the valley floor (200m descent), crossing 2 bridges followed by another steep ascent  to the other side to the valley. Follow the signs to Alpe Coier and on to Alpe Cortino (Alpe is an alpine pasture, usually with a collection of herders cottages).  Continue on to Alpe Anfirm where you will find a water trough with fresh running water.  Follow the signs to Alpe Forno (Rifugio Regi).  At around 1560m, the path breaks left and continues on a faint but steep trail up to Alpe Forno (Rifugio Regi).   Here we were met by a grant amphitheatre of rock and surprising deep snow.  Unable to locate the path due to the snow, we boulder hopped over the rocks to avoid the deepest snow. Progress was painfully slow and it was evident from our slow progress that we wouldn’t reach the summit today.  We created our own path up the snow and rocks toward La Finestra (the Window) on the right side of the amphitheatre where the route steepened and we were left with a choice - steep gulley to the left or steeper gully to the right.  We choose the left gully as it looked easier but it turned out to be steep, unconsolidated powder snow, proving almost impossible to make any progress.  It was a struggle to climb (every point of contact) but we finally came out of the gully to be met with more deep snow and boulders – this was defiantly not the right way!  More wading and climbing through snow and over steep rock led us to La Finestra (2397m) and this is where out upwards journey ended – unable to find a route through we turned around and began our descent,  7 hours from the start and 3 hours overdue.  We battled back down the route, roping down the gullies to arrive at the car at 7 o’clock, 2 hours with headtorches.  Note, that steep descent through the forest now becomes a 200m ascent back to the car just to finish your legs off!!  A grand day out, not as expected but great fun nonetheless. (Graded as T4- as it turned out to be a bit more than a mountain hike).

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