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Someone wrote us that he has problems with Internet Explorer 9 (problems with drag and drop, .mov files, edit html code "quellencode", even logout). We don't have IE9 so we can't test it. Does anybody else have problems with this browser?

Thanks for your feedback

PS: Until this is fixed you can use another browser, like Chrome or Firefox. It's faster and don't break everything with a new version.

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bimi hat gesagt: No problems in short test
Gesendet am 20. Juni 2011 um 22:11
Hi Stani

I tried a few things with IE9 (installed on Win7 32bit, Bootcamp on a Mac). I added a new tour, added a waypoint (clicked on it on the map), deleted the tour and could log in and out to hikr. I also switched from the WYSIWYG editor to "Quellcode" worked. Could not check drag and drop since I don't now where I can use it in the hikr site.

If you need more help, let me know..


Stani™ Pro hat gesagt: RE:No problems in short test
Gesendet am 20. Juni 2011 um 22:28
Thank you very much for testing!!!

Please, could you test drag and drop in "Edit report" page, you can use it to change order of pictures.

Also, is this page displayed correctly: You should see a quicktime panorama.

bimi hat gesagt: RE:No problems in short test
Gesendet am 20. Juni 2011 um 23:03
Hi :)

I could see the QT panorama, but only after I installed Quciktime and therefore the plugin.. so the plugin also works in IE9 :)

But the drag an drop did not work with IE9. When I switch the browser to IE8 mode (developer tools), drag and drop works again.. if I switch back again to IE9 mode, it doesn't work so it really seems to be an IE9 specific problem.. The cursor switched to a the move symbol (the four arrows), but if a try to drag the cell it does not move..instead the text lines get marked..

Hope that helps, let me know I you found out more, then I can do some testing again.


gero Pro hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 23. Juni 2011 um 00:37
Strange ... me too, I installed the QT-plugin, but it doesn't work. Under normal conditions (only looking at my panos without using hikr), it works quite normal.

No idea what's wrong.

gero Pro hat gesagt: Finger weg vom IE 9
Gesendet am 23. Juni 2011 um 11:48
Liebe Freunde,

"Someone" oben in Stanis Überschrift war ich.

Auch ich habe mich nun entschlossen, dem IE Lebwohl zu sagen - und den Firefox installiert (Version 5.0).

Und oh große Freude: ALLE meine Probleme sind (ohne weiteres Dazutun) behoben, es funktioniert wieder.

Also lag es eindeutig am IE 9 - und ich kann abschließend sagen: Finger weg vom IE 9, wenn Ihr Euch Ärger ersparen wollt!

Gruß vom Georg

Stani™ Pro hat gesagt: RE:Finger weg vom IE 9
Gesendet am 23. Juni 2011 um 12:02
Hi Gero!

In theory, we would like to avoid you those kind of problems. In theory, people should be able to keep their preferred browser all the time, but ... Internet Explorer is not helping. Each version of Internet Explorer works differently, some little thing is always broken. It's not the case with other browsers.

Even more, there are simple things that all other browsers can do and Explorer can't.

And do add insult to injury, Internet explorer works only with some versions of Windows, so to test something we need to have them all! And no, you can't have two different versions of IE on the same windows. It' s really a programmer nightmare.

Other browsers, like firefox or chrome just don't have those problems. Also, they are much faster and secure.


Barbacan hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 24. Juni 2011 um 17:50
I'm a web coder since 14 years and I faced this problems many times. Btw I tested hikr with le latest IE9 and I've no issue to report!

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