Weekend hikes T5: looking for partners

Publiziert von Lone Ranger, 20. Juli 2010 um 07:44. Diese Seite wurde 142 mal angezeigt.

Hi Guys,
  1. I am looking for hiking partners in the level of T4-T5 and at least 1000m ascent, primarily during weekends, but also some week days. I have done a few T5s (e.g. Kleine Mythen and Haggenspitz) alone, and am now looking for company to hike lots of new places.
  2. I am also considering spending a week hiking in the Alps, on my list are Haute Cime, Oberrothorn, Schwarzhorn, and a few huts. Actually I am very flexible on this, so if you are hiking or acclimatizing and looking for company please contact me.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

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