Routes: New rules for difficulty calculation II

Publiziert von Stani™, 15. November 2009 um 22:53. Diese Seite wurde 90 mal angezeigt.

We modified the rules yet another time. Now, to calculate the difficulty of the route we first split reports in different groups (skitour, snowshoe tour and others), calculate the difficulty of each group separately and then combine them.

With this approach examples from previous post works better:

1) Munt Buffalora WT3, WT3, WT3, WT3, L, L gives WT3,L
2) Säntis von der Schwägalp über die Tierwies is now T3 (and not T3,I )
3) Piz Nuna SO-Grat is now just T4  instead of T4, WS, II

We are not sure yet that this approach is 100% correct, so if you see something strange with route difficulties or you see how to do it better, please write us.

PS: the page of waypoint was a little bit relooked, so routes are more visible: example

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