Routes: New rules for difficulty calculation

Publiziert von Stani™, 10. November 2009 um 14:40. Diese Seite wurde 142 mal angezeigt.

Hi there,

As suggested by neutrino, we modified the rules for calculation of the average difficulty of the route. For example if there is a route with 6 reports with difficulties WT3, WT3, WT3, WT3, L, L, the average will be WT3, L (in the past it would be just WT3)

And if there is a route with two difficulties T2,T3 the average difficulty will be T3 (most difficult one, in the past it would be random choice between two values)

For example, this route is now WT3, L , that's correct.

But also, in this route, a climbing grade "I" appears because of the new system. That seems a little bit strange.

Is this ok like this or we need to improve it more?

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felixbavaria hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 10. November 2009 um 15:22
1) Just to clarify ... you use the higher difficulty only in case of a tie? So if 5 people said it's T2 and 5 people said it's T3, the "average" would be T3. However if there was a clear majority, so 6 people said it's T2, the average would be T2? This is OK in my opinion.

2) Climbing grades for hiking tours - in your example it seems strange because only 1 person added a climbing difficulty in his or her report. Nevertheless I think the new system is also OK here. For example, in a T5 hike some people could think it's all grade I, while a majority thinks there are passages of grade II. So the resulting vote would be "T5, II" which is perfect.

Best, Felix

Stani™ Pro hat gesagt: RE:
Gesendet am 10. November 2009 um 15:32
1) Right.

2) Probably you are correct, the error comes from one report and propagated to the route. In most of the cases it should be ok. Otherwise we need more complicated rule, but I don't have any idea how to do it.

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