Overlap of members list and messages

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Hi to all.
Yesterday I published this message (http://www.hikr.org/post130241.html) on the Forum page of my community. I want point out that many comments are not completely readable because the Members list on the right side of the page overlaps a portion of the comments on the left side.
I saw that this fact does not happen with the previous messages.
Does anybody know the reason of this drawback?

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Martin Job Pro hat gesagt: Text zu lange ...
Gesendet am 18. März 2018 um 20:39
Der Link im Kommentar von Serzo ist sehr lange und lässt sich nicht automatisch trennen.
Besser so: Moncalieri

gbal hat gesagt: RE:Text zu lange ...
Gesendet am 18. März 2018 um 21:37
You are right Martin, the solution could be to use a label with an underlying link; this is not so common because many users don't have so many technical skills. I think that the page software has to avoid this type of bad use of a simple comment. For example the software could not accept a comment too long and unformattable into the comment window instead to modify the window as comment lenght.

Martin Job Pro hat gesagt: Maybe also a skill problem ...
Gesendet am 18. März 2018 um 21:48
... but in this cases Hikrs should use an URL-shortener
like goo.gl -> https://goo.gl/kwWnZ3

dulac Pro hat gesagt: Maybe ...
Gesendet am 19. März 2018 um 00:34
... the problem you addressed is due to the browser you are using: with Firefox the page is displayed perfectly.

gbal hat gesagt: RE:Maybe ...
Gesendet am 19. März 2018 um 14:31
You are truly right. Mozilla Firefox works fine and avoids this problem. Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge overlap the page. Thank you for your advice but let me say that I (and many Internet surfers) am very bored with those different behaviors. To access the Public Administrations I have to use only Internet Explorer,; Microsft Edge has more problems than advantages, Chrome is very useful to access a lot of Google Applications. Mozilla Firefox declares to be renewed and the fastest browser at all.
I am really very bored with the browsers.
Thank you again

Beni71 hat gesagt: Why not use a hikr code?
Gesendet am 20. März 2018 um 02:21
Why not use a hikr code like this: [http://www.hikr.org Hikr], instead of the long text link? The benefit for the user would also be that the link is clickable. See all hikr codes

Gruss, Benno

gbal hat gesagt: RE:Why not use a hikr code?
Gesendet am 20. März 2018 um 10:19
Yes Benno,
this also is a valid method to avoid the problem but has to be assumed that the users has some skill to move himself into the computer maze.
Thank you

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