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12 Feb 11
Mt.TeBaek (20110212 태백산)
Dang-gul, Backdansa and Yuilsa courses are the most popular hiking paths in Mt. Taebek. Yuilsa course : the shortest path to the summit, with a road to temple, is steep. Dang-gul and Backdansa courses meet together at Banjae, then the merged path leads to Mang-gyung-dae. It is the easiest path to hike....
Published by madican 13 February 2011, 06h08 (Photos:3 | Geodata:1)
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13 Nov 10
Mt. Bukhan(Bukhan national park) 북한산
2010년 11월 날씨좋은 어느날 북한산에서... 우이동 → 도선사주차장 → 우이대피소 → 인수대피소 → 백운대피소 → 백운대 → 위문 → 용암문 → 동장대 →대동문 → 진달래능선 → 백련사 아래는 국립공원홈페이지의 글...
Published by madican 14 November 2010, 16h15 (Photos:22 | Geodata:1)
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30 Oct 10
Mt. Doegyu(Doegyu national park) 덕유산
윤섭이와 재욱이와 함께 덕유산에 다녀왔다. 일출을 보려 했지만 입산 통제에 걸려 6시 반이 되서야 등반을 시작할 수 있었다. 스키장 슬로프를 따라 올라갔다. 아지막 스퍼트는 정말 힘들었다. 설천봉을 찍고 향적봉까지 길은 완전 산책로... 정상을...
Published by madican 2 November 2010, 09h36 (Photos:8 | Comments:3 | Geodata:4)
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23 Oct 10
Mt.Cheong-gae (청계산-국사봉,이수봉)
Hawhyeon church → guksa-bong → yisu-bong → cheonggye-sa(Buddhisttemple) Starting at 4 pm, Hawhyeon Chapel, in the 5:30 guksabong arrived. Yisu-bong time I started to eat rice wine turned to the dark. Arrived at 6:30 yisubong, paused, came down to the cheonggyesa A dark night, far from yisubong cheonggyesa night hike...
Published by madican 25 October 2010, 09h26 (Photos:12 | Comments:2 | Geodata:2)
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