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Trentino-South Tirol   T3  
17 Sep 13
We started at 9:00 AM at the Glieshof hotel and followed the route through the forest to Innere Matscher Alm (some 50 minutes). The path is narrow at this part. From there the path becomes wider(can be driven by a car) until it reaches Boden (another 50 minutes).Then it turns to the narrow pathagain. After a couple of minutes,...
Published by eirik 22 September 2013, 18h27 (Photos:3)
Trentino-South Tirol   T2 F  
20 Sep 13
We started at 8:05 AM from Melag and continued along route no 3 (Weisskugel Hohenweg). It took 2:25 h to reach the Huette, On our way back we followed the route no 2 (with some bypass at the bottom of th valey - the original route was damaged by stonefall and thus closed). The way back took 1:50 h. At the beginning the route is...
Published by eirik 22 September 2013, 17h39 (Photos:3)
Oberwallis   T2  
9 Sep 08
Monte Moro Pass
Trail starts at the parking lot near Mattmark dam. First part leads by the west coast of the lake and takes about an hour of easy walk on the broad way. Then it turns to narrow path through the meadow, dotted by stones.This part endsat Talliboden, large flat area at 2492 m and takes about one hour. The upper part goes throughthe...
Published by eirik 28 September 2011, 20h27 (Photos:8 | Comments:2)
Trentino-South Tirol   T2  
10 Sep 07
Hintere Schontaufspitze (3325 m)
Start at the upper station of cable car lift at about 2600 m. First part of the trip is a rather light ascent to Madritschhutte (2820 m) - circa 45 minutes. Then a little bit more demanding part to the Madritschjoch at 3128 m. The track leads through the rocks but the path is easy visible. From the pass begins a light rock...
Published by eirik 25 November 2010, 21h30 (Photos:5 | Comments:1)
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