Maja e Zeze - highpoint of Jabllanica

Published by detlefpalm , 24 September 2012, 12h45.

Region: World » Albanien
Date of the hike:17 September 2012
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: AL   MK 
Time: 3:00
Height gain: 560 m 1837 ft.
Height loss: 560 m 1837 ft.
Route:7 kilometer one way
Access to start point:To reach the trailhead, see separate gps file. To reach Stebleve, drive from Librazhd towards Peshkopi. After Fushe Studen, take a right turn off the new gravel road, and it will take you to Stebleve.
Accommodation:There is a very basic hotel in Fushe Studen. We stayed in a private house in Stebleve, but prior arrangements are necessary. Steblve does not have accomodation, a cafe or bar or shop.

  The Shebenik-Jabllanica National Park is one of the largest National Parks in Albania. It is in a fairly remote corner along the border with Macedonia. The area has great touristic potential, but as of writing, infrastructure is minimal. There are some tourist huts being built in Stebleve, and we were told they will open in winter 2012/2013. We stayed one night in Stebleve, in a private house, but arrangements should be made in advance. There is no restaurant or cafe or bar in the village.

Stebleve village is not being touched by the new (still under construction) asphalt road connecting Librazhd and Peshkopi. The school closed long time ago as all children are raised elsewhere. We hope that the vicinity to a future asphalt road may bring more paying guests to the area.

We drove from Stebleve for several kilometer to our trailhead near some shephers' huts. The track is an old military road, and 4WD is required. See attached gps file. You may not need to drive up to our trailhead, but you will have to walk what you don't drive. 

 From the shepherd huts at our trailhead, walk to the abandoned police station. This could be a good place to camp. From there, the trail climbs to the ridge of the Jabllanica range. You may follow some (no longer used) military paths close to the actual ridge, or walk the ridge itself. The latter option will accumulate more ups and downs. .

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 13183.kml Hike to Maja e Zeze
 13184.kml Drive to trailhead


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