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My way to work - February 2017

Published by iuturna , 11 February 2017, 22h24.

Region: World » Switzerland » Zürich
Date of the hike:10 February 2017
Mountain-bike grading: F - Easy
Time: 0:30

10. Februar 2017
Die Legenden sind wahr! Es gibt sie wirklich, die zwei grossen, gelben Scheiben über dem Nebel! Ich habe sie mit meinen eigenen Augen gesehen...
...eine am Morgen...
...und eine am Abend!
11. Februar 2017
Am nächsten Morgen war die gelbe Scheibe wieder verschwunden!

10th feb. 2017
The legends are true: There are really two large yellow disks in the sky above the fog! I've seen them with my own eyes...

Hike partners: iuturna

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gbal says:
Sent 12 February 2017, 17h27
It's nice to believe....

iuturna says: RE:
Sent 12 February 2017, 18h17
I swear it's true!!!

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