Waypoint-tags II

Published by Anna, 14 June 2008, 20h57. This page has been displayed 238 times.


We did some new development in the directory.

After a week of battle with the machine and the geography, we succeed to assign its canton(s) to many peaks higher than 1000m. We used the database of gipfelverzeichnis.ch with the permission of Christian Thöni, the webmaster of this site. In fact, we asked for it already more than one year ago, but we did it only now. 

It’s sure that not all peaks have an assigned canton yet and probably there are some mistakes. The peaks lower than 1000m and the other kinds of waypoints still have no assigned canton.

We have studied some solution to this problem and we have found that it is possible to have the data of the boundaries of each canton on admin.ch. The data are not very precise, but for the waypoints far from the boundary it should work. If you have some other idea, please let us know.

We also have modified the  “homepage” of the waypoints-tags; now, there is a list of all related reports and photos. The photos are simply all photos associated with the waypoints tagged. See for example the homepage of Alpstein: www.hikr.org/dir/tag/alpstein/

We have also added the entry “geo-tags” in the report; in this way, you can see more precisely the location of the tour.

PS: Maybe we need a community to discuss about the geography and geo-tags?


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