Seeking climbing partners, preferably weekends

Published by Lone Ranger, 12 October 2010, 14h27. This page has been displayed 139 times.

I like to climb every weekend, weather permitting. A bit hard to find enough climbing partners though.

I lead f5b; I am not too fussy about grades or any specific region. Anything goes: long multi pitch routes to single pitch sport climbing to easy mountaineering. In good weather!

With temperatures dropping, maybe Ticino or Italian side looks more attractive, but I can come anywhere reachable by train/bus from Zurich or car-pool if you have a car. Can also do multi-day (hut stays) if necessary.

Feel free to contact me if you ever need a climbing partner. I'll probably make it to the hikr-Meet as well, so we can meet in person to discuss options.



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