Advertisements over the report?

Published by gbal, 8 September 2019, 16h31. This page has been displayed 370 times.

Hi to all.
Since few days (month?) I wondered to see on my smartphone that while reading a report I notice some advertisement flying over the report text instead of seeing it on the right side (see the image).
This happens only with my Xiaomi A2 Lite with Android 9; reading the report with another, identical device with the same SW version or other two smartphones and with the PC the advertisements stay on their proper side without disturbing the reading.
Does anybody knows this problem and/or the solution?


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sven86 says:
Sent 8 September 2019, 16h46
Same here

gbal says: RE:
Sent 8 September 2019, 16h50
Hi Sven86; SOLVED!
I do not the reason but I went on Chrome / Settings / Site settings / Data stored from sites; then I cleared all these data.
Now all itìs ok!

Winterbaer Pro says: RE:
Sent 9 September 2019, 12h21
Grazie Giulio!
Con la tua istruzione finalmente sono riuscita anch`io a togliere la finestra della pubblicità dall`immagine del sito di Hikr. sul mio smartphone!:-)

gbal says: RE:
Sent 9 September 2019, 16h55
Ho piacere di esserti stato utile.
Ciao Uschi

Stani™ Pro says:
Sent 8 September 2019, 16h49
It's a bug from Google, or maybe from your phone. It's not even the right size. This ad is supposed to stay on the right column.

gbal says: RE:
Sent 8 September 2019, 16h51
Thank you Stani. Pls see above...

Stani™ Pro says: RE:
Sent 8 September 2019, 16h59
Ah, great. I was going to write google an email, but if it's fixed itself I don't need anymore.

If somebody else have the problem tell me and I write them.

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