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Bug-Report: Gallery navigation sometimes skips items

Published by carpintero, 13 August 2019, 15h26. This page has been displayed 127 times.

How to reproduce:
1. Do open a report
2. Click the first gallery item
3. Use Ctrl + Right Arrow to get the next item until the end is reached
If it is a buggy report, it will skip some items when navigating. Or it will display too few items in the text, e.g. "1 from 7 photos" instead of "1 from 8 photos" (which btw should be "1 of 8 photos" IMHO).
Example sequence:
1. "3 from 8 photos" -> Ctrl + Right Arrow
2. "5 from 8 photos" -> Ctrl + Right Arrow
How to fix manually:
1. Open the report for editing
2. Check "Sort by date" in the "Sort Photos" section
3. Save

The original order of the gallery items will be lost when following the described fix. This doesn't matter if the gallery items were sorted by date. I guess this bug was introduced with the HTML upload functionality.


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