Climbing partner: Frankenjura (or anywhere else): 25-29 June 2016

Published by Lone Ranger, 17 June 2016, 14h43. This page has been displayed 806 times.

Hi all,
I used to be an active member of this forum a few years back when I lived in Switzerland.

I have a work trip to Germany (Mannheim) and I am looking for rock climbing partners for the duration 25-29 June 2016. I can head out of Mannheim 24th evening or 25th morning and come anywhere reachable by public transport to meet you. I am hoping to check out Frankenjura but if I don't find partners for that, I can come anywhere else. I would prefer someone who has a car (or can rent and drive a car; I can pay rental but can't drive) and can climb at least 2-3 days with me, given the travel involved (Frankenjura is not public transport friendly) and difficulties in coordination/logistics. 

29th evening I need to be in Freiburg, Germany (that's flexible), from where my next climbing partner will pick me up for our trip to Eastern Switzerland or Chamonix depending on weather. 

About me: I am a 42 year old male, 52 kgs, academic by profession, currently based out of Mumbai. I climb about 6b on well-bolted sport routes; not too obsessed about grades; you can lead all routes if you are stronger, I will lead if I am the stronger climber. But I have good endurance and like to climb a lot within the time available. 

Pl respond here or email me at with your thoughts.


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Dodovogel says:
Sent 17 June 2016, 17h56
While I can't climb currently due to an injury I wanted to let you know that you can also try to find someone on

That is a site dedicated to finding climbing partners in Switzerland. Good luck and good weather ;)

Lone Ranger says: RE:
Sent 18 June 2016, 04h51
Thanks; I have been a member there and made friends there too; I felt hikr is more international, but I could be wrong.

And about the weather, yeah, I hear it is not what it used to be :(

rybar1 says: i'm in
Sent 20 June 2016, 23h16
hi lone ranger! we could arrange somethink for the frankenjura, i dont have a car but we can organize that.. how can i contact u?

Lone Ranger says: Done!
Sent 24 July 2016, 23h03
Hi folks,
A quick update: I didn't find anyone from Hikr or KP, but got lucky with MP; I found some amazing climbing partners for Frankenjura, with whom I should be able to climb in my future trips too.

Weather was not always perfect, but I got just enough good weather windows so my climbing was not at all compromised! A trip report in case anyone is interested:

I am hoping to be able to come on a longer trip next year, and then hopefully climb with some of the Hikr crowd too!

Until then, happy climbing the rest of the summer, to those of you who are lucky to enjoy the Alps for much longer than I can :)


p.s. anyone thinking of climbing in India (e.g. Bangalore, Badami, Hampi, Mumbai or the high North.) give me a shout!

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