Żmijowa Polana 1049 m 3441 ft.

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29 Apr 12

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In the vicinity of: Międzygórze, Hala pod Śnieżnikiem, Jaworowa Kopa, Czarna Góra

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Masyw Śnieżnika   T3 F  
29 Apr 12
Międzygórze (Day 2nd - The highlights: Czarna Góra and Śnieżnik)
Second day we booked some more time to visit the highlights of Masyw Śnieżnika: Czarna Góra and Śnieżnik itself. We started from Czarna Góra. From the most upper part of Międzygórze we took blue-marked route. In place when it crosses with green-marked route we took the forest way along the beautiful streams to main road...
Published by leiter84 3 May 2012, 10h04 (Photos:4)

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Masyw Śnieżnika   T2  
2 Jul 15
Sniežnik Kłodzki
Schöne Tour auf den Glatzer Schneeberg – eine fantastischer Aussichtsberg an der tschechisch-polnischen Grenze Meine tschechische Berg-Reise war Speed-Travelling. Es wohl nicht üblich quasi alle namhaften Bergregionen und Gipfel Tschechiens in 72 Stunden zu besuchen / zu erwandern. Für insgesamt 13 einzelne Touren hat es...
Published by Delta 10 July 2015, 14h02 (Photos:7)
Masyw Śnieżnika   T3 PD-  
30 Apr 12
Międzygórze (Day 3rd - southern part of Masyw Śnieżnika)
Snowy, exhausting but very wonderful hike through the southern parts of Masyw Śnieżnika. With red-marked route from the upper part of Międzygórze to Hala pod Śnieżnikiem. Then instead of the most popular hike to Śnieżnik itself we took not so popular but very wonderful way through Mały Śnieżnik and Goworek to...
Published by leiter84 3 May 2012, 10h42 (Photos:3)
Masyw Śnieżnika   T2  
28 Apr 12
Międzygórze (Day 1st - Glory of Mother of God)
During our first day of holiday stay in Międzygórze we (my fiancée and me) decided to visit the sanctuary of "Maria Śnieżna" located near to the peak of Igliczna mountain. From the center of Międzygórze we took yellow-marked route which leaded through relaxing landscapes directly to our target. Because we were not in...
Published by leiter84 3 May 2012, 09h15 (Photos:4)