Międzygórze (Day 1st - Glory of Mother of God)

Published by leiter84 , 3 May 2012, 09h15.

Region: World » Polen » Masyw Śnieżnika
Date of the hike:28 April 2012
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: PL 
Time: 1 days 5:00
Route:Międzygórze - Igliczna - Wodospad Wilczki - Międygórze
Access to start point:Available from Kłodzko
Access to end point:Available from Kłodzko

During our first day of holiday stay in Międzygórze we (my fiancée and me) decided to visit the sanctuary of "Maria Śnieżna" located near to the peak of Igliczna mountain.
From the center of Międzygórze we took yellow-marked route which leaded through relaxing landscapes directly to our target. Because we were not in hurry, we enjoyed the nice weather, silence and voices of nature. Once reached the peak we visited the sanctuary and had a small meal in "Na Iglicznej" hostel. After the break we returned with green-marked route to Międzygórze passing by amazing Wilczki waterfall and flood dam.
Our first day in Międzygórze was very successful

Hike partners: leiter84

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