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Dec 23
Oberengadin   WT1  
23 Dec 18
Spent a few days in Davos, mainly targeted to a fully relaxed attitude. Still, we tought giving our snowshoes some excitment. Therefore, a mild hike was organized and we set off from Davos-Dorf to the south-eastern bank of the Davoser See. The path is a true family-promenade all the way. You may get to encounter squirrels and...
Published by brunoz 3 January 2019, 13h13 (Photos:14)
Aug 18
Oberengadin   T2  
18 Aug 13
Piz Languard
This brief report is posted in remembrance of Toto, our unforgettable alpine-buddy who went over the rainbow bridge just over a month ago and is now happily hiking in the mountains of Heaven. Piz Languard is a very popular peak, which can be summited after a really easy hike. It has been very often reported, so there’s...
Published by brunoz 12 October 2016, 18h08 (Photos:2)
Aug 21
Oberengadin   T2  
21 Aug 08
Piz Nair 3.056m
This is a mountain located just north-west of the glittering St. Moritz. It can be reached by cab to only few steps from the summit,terrassed andcomplete with an ugly antenna. Our ascent to this mountain started at the comfortable parking below Champfer. A walk across the village up to it’s northern outskirt would...
Published by brunoz 4 December 2009, 10h21 (Photos:16)