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Oberengadin   T3  
20 Aug 13
Furtschellas 2840m
We (Natalie and me) took the cable car in Sils Maria to gain some height, I had already done that part by foot a couple of years ago, so saving my knees by taking the cable car seemed a logical move. It was very cold (air temperature around P01 °C with a lot of wind, giving a windchill temperature of around M09/M08 °C on the...
Publiziert von KrisG 2. September 2013 um 14:43 (Fotos:11)
Lombardei   T4-  
16 Aug 13
Failed try to climb Monte Vago 3059m
After a long pause of 6 years (knee and back issues) we made again a trip to the Alps, our first walk was a try to climb Monte Vago from the Forcola di Livigno 2315m. The route to Monte Vago isn't indicated, you have to start by following the direction to Piz Ursera, around 2400m there's a short steep part which might demand a...
Publiziert von KrisG 2. September 2013 um 14:10 (Fotos:8)
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